Diary - From 0 to 1M in Africa

Hi, months ago I started a journal that I did not continue. Many things happened, I launched my marketing agency, I cashed my first thousands of euros, I developed passive income sources, I pushed myself a bit too much, I caused a burnout, I lost the desire for everything, I expatriated to Morocco and since 4 months I live a mini retirement as an old man.

I’ve had enough of this lifestyle, I’m an ambitious person, there are people who like not doing shit but for me it’s hell. I need to create, to do, to conquer.

So I launched myself into a challenge: Go from 0 to 1M of turnover in the African market.

I spent these months to analyze this market and I really think that we are in front of an Eldorado, of course there are obstacles but it is precisely because there are these barriers that big players like amazon or aliexpress will not enter and it is because of these barriers that will not happen the saturation that we have known in the French market with the drop.

Every Sunday I will document the progress and publish it in the forum. I want to make a kind of diary as Aslino the freedom warrior.


:bulb:Read to the end because I will need you

Safi, Morocco 12/11/2021

Since the beginning of November I started again to set up some routines of life and work.

For the moment I will sell in Morocco, because I live there and it’s much easier to start from here but then I want to scale all over the continent and sell in the middle east. Morocco is part of the countries with more competition and surplus on the continent so it will be an excellent training ground.

I found my suppliers in Casablanca, I found the products that I will launch in the testing phase, which in truth is not a real testing phase as in classic dropshipping.

Here all the products work, even if you don’t have crazy creative or an optimized shop, what I’m going to test is mainly which of these which products work the most to go and capitalize on.

The shop, product pages and creative are in the works. They need to be in Arabic so I gave the opportunity to someone I know. Of course I will keep an eye on the process because I know the importance of marketing in a project.

It’s a new adventure, there are a lot of grey areas, there will definitely be a lot of obstacles but I’m excited about this new adventure and I know it will always be the best. I’m a guy who likes to control, I need to be in control of the situation as much as possible, this time I’m going to take the plunge and let the cosmos do the rest.

:arrow_right:If you want to give me a hand, help me find a name for the shop, a simple name that is easy to remember


Hello Imperatore,

I have an idea for a name: “keep-it-simple.shop” :joy:

In my opinion, I would choose a name that describes the theme and is related to a popular phrase.

For example, for a computer store, I would call this one, “freakin-tech.com” — freaking is a nicer way of saying fuck¡ng, but we understand the products are dope.

I don’t know if that makes sense, it’s just a suggestion ^^

Best regards.


Safi, Morocco 19:37 - 14/11/2021 Yesterday I participated in a live until 1 am by a person who I consider a mentor, who inspired me to launch into ecommerce. He is a Moroccan entrepreneur who started to develop a networth of tens of millions of dollars and only with the business without selling courses or stuff like that.

He explained the immense potential that represented the market of the Gulf countries (GCC) especially Saudi Arabia and Koweit, countries with a very high income per inhabitant.

Where the products in ecommrce are not sold at less than $ 80 Countries with a huge potential in ecommerce where Amazon or other giants of ecommerce do not exist.

The same advantages and disadvantages of the African market but with more potential, Small challenge is to have at least 5k to launch in this type of market.

For the moment I have 1k, my target is 5k. When I have it, I will launch myself into the GCC market.

He also talked about Fb Ads and how you always have to ride the trend.

He gave the example of himself, where he rode the wave of fb ads at the beginning of 2010, and only with facebook he managed to generate his first 500k.

And what Tugan explains in his rx, is the role of the entrepreneur to ride the wave. A good entrepreneur would have gone to California in the mid-nineteenth century during the gold rush, would have searched for deposits of black gold in the early twentieth century as would have had to invest heavily in start-ups in the late '80s.

The same goes for the digital world, years ago Facebook was the party, the far west, today the party is over. Facebook is only suitable if you want to develop a brand and spend a lot of money.

The party today is about blockchain, nft and the crypto world.

In advertising platforms today the party is on TikTok Ads and Snap Chat Ads, very low advertising costs, extraordinary growth, little competition is really the far west.

This live but allowed me to have more clarity on where I want to go. I believe in ecommerce, I want to develop something in this area, the middle east market completely excites me and I completely believe in my abilities.

As of now my focus is the 5k.

I will also launch a bit on Tiktok ads or ytb ads, to see how it takes. The goals for next week is to have the shop ready, the product pages ready and the video ads ready. If all goes well next week I launch.


I mint the NFT of di unity, too funny, I realized the fucking potential of the NFT market, Play to Earn, crypto,DeFi,blockchain…The world will change in a way that neither you nor I imagine. Tugan understood it, Jm understood it. And this is not in 20 years but in 5 years at most. Blockchain will be the biggest wealth creation vector in all of human history, we are looking at a millennial change.

Having said that, my focus is making money because if you want to be a player in this change, you have to have money, a lot of money. This week I have a lot of work, very loaded week, I was addicted to porn for time, I didn’t sleep at night, I woke up late. All this I have eliminated, it is not a change so for, and then I fall into my old habits. No I am obsessed with achieving my goal and will do anything to get there.

If you want to change your habits I recommend a book: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

This week I : Finished the Tik Tok Ads training Done the copywriting, the product pages, the reviews… Translated all this into Arabic Did the video editing

I was ready to launch on Friday but going to my mentor, the person who accompanies me and gives me feedback, he told me that the products are saturated and asked me to take one of those tools that allows me to see the trending products in Morocco that are not yet sold by many (you can position yourself before everyone else).

This is my mission for the next week : Find 20 products that match the standards I set for myself.

I have watched the formation of Tik Tok, a real slap in the face, tiktok is a platform with an immense potential.

1 billion monthly users in the world (not counting China), at the beginning of the year there were 700M. 38% of the people in France who use Tiktok are over 24 years old, so the claim that there are only children or teenagers is bullshit.

Not to mention that in France there are 5 million users but in Morocco there are 8 million, the Moroccan population is X2 less than the French one.

Advertising costs on tiktok are free, maximum CPC at 0.20cts (France) and CPM at less than $1. A platform with a lot of potential for advertising but also for organic content. So next week I will be more interested in this.

I am currently open to opportunities, someone presented me a crazy project. It is a presentation similar to MLM projects, I never liked this kind of activity, so I was always closed but this project has conquered me.

Who has already gone on vacation? Who has already taken the hotel ? Who has already bought branded clothes? I think everyone answered yes And if I tell you that you can go to a 5* hotel 80% less than the price that booking or similar platforms offers you ? And if I tell you that you can get clothes Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Dior or Seiko watches original and new but 70% less than the market price, what will you tell me? Impossible, I was like you fucking but I had the evidence in front of me.

So potential project I will put next to and develop maybe. Nft, Ecommerce, MLM, Infoprenariat, Sushi Restaurant

Too many fucking opportunities are thrown at me, just because I decided to change something in my life. At the beginning of the month I was dead, a loser, who lost ambition and cravings in life, who had a love disappointment, who experienced some “failure” that completely knocked him out.

Today I’m a fucking WINNER, only I decided to change, I wake up early, I sleep early, I read books every day, I stopped watching porn and most of all I make, create, thank, pray to God, feel gratitude every day on what I have. Every day I make sure that day is the best day of my life.


Keep this mindset and the good work :pray: