Destroy my selling Page

Hello bros,

I created long time ago a selling page on a plateforme where I offer my services as a WebDevelopper.

And I want you to tel me what is wrong, what is good and what should I change to increase my conversion rate.

Thanks in advance

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Hi bro,

I’m not an expert on the sales page but this is a real shit.

  1. First of all, you put the price and offers button at the end of your text. Images can be placed between the lines of your text when you need to illustrate your point.

  2. If it’s for cold/tight customers, why are you talking about codes? I don’t give a fuck about that.

  3. In fact when I read this I’m off to WordPress or Square Space and I’m making a fucking free site. I can customize it and it’s free. (Even if it’s completely fucked up with their templates etc…)

  4. Introduce yourself at the beginning, it can help. Here when you say I’m “in good hands” everyone tells me the same thing why you?

  5. Don’t talk about your year experience, you’ve got juste one year, it’s shit honestly. Talk about the number of hours spent coding.

  6. I would advise you to insist on the fact that you accompany the person to offer him a personalized experience that he won’t find anywhere else at the same price.

  7. The customer get the fuck out directly when you say “contact me” and you don’t put your email or a way to contact you directly.

  8. Finally, put your fucking important words in bold and a little bit color doesn’t hurt anyone, not the gay flag either or shit like that … you get the idea !

Review your target audience, define it, then rework your text.

Go look at some real sales pages for inspiration brother.

Take care, stay strong.

La bise.


Your page is boring. You don’t talk to someone specific, you only want to sell your skills.

Nothing to add. Fabz_G4 gave you the best advice.

if you need help, inbox me.


Hello bros,

Thank you for you’re advices, I tried my best to upgrade this page and I hope it is better now.


Please tell me if there is any other things I will have to change in the text.

Also, can you tell me how to be more specific ? without to much selling my skills.


Hey Naim,

I think you don’t know what copywriting is. People don’t know who you are. Even though you write “vous êtes entre de bonnes mains”, THEY DON’T KNOW YOU ! so why would they trust you ? Insert figures : how many businesses did you help ? People love figures. “Nombreux” is not specific. Read some sale pages from competition and get inspired.




Okay, I understand better now, thank you for the precision.

So I went to see some good selling pages of competitors and they where all talking there years of experience, the number of companies they helped or simply telling that they are specialised in this domain

So should I juste remove this part of my text until I help a lot of companies or just lie about the number of companies I helped ?

Thanks in advance

Hi, @Naim_G4

I would like to help you as much as I can. But I don’t really have the time.

So, what I advise you to do is to join Tugan’s forum “Marketing Underground” if you are not already there.

You’ll be able to see a lot of answers to your questions.

Your last modification is good, but you still need to work on it.

You need than the client says “this is the one I need”.

Here is the presentation I make on my website.

Look at this example, you can use it as inspiration but don’t copy it. Don’t be dumb bro.

Have a nice work. Take care.

La bise.