De télégram au forum; tt est en anglais?

Salut les frérots comme dit JM Corda, j’espère que vous allez bien? C’est moi ou absolument tout est en train de passée en anglais ?

Pour les vieux Gaulois comme moi j’arrive encore, avec effort, à décrypter mais qui dit effort; dis perte d’attentions. Et oui les AT coûte chèr… Ý(k)~At

La prochaine ouverture des portes de DBL tt sera en anglais aussi ?

Le frérot originel n’avait pas dit, DBL World pour ça ? Ou dans le futur un espace DBL Gaulois ? :wink:

C’est une simple question, merci de votre réponse.

Bien respectueusement les frérots ;p

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Yes :slightly_smiling_face:


Alors là normalement, je dois te sortir le pavé du règlement en anglais dans la gueule

Mais tu as été courtois et poli

Et vu que ce n’est pas très clair, je t’explique en français

Donc sommes passés en anglais depuis quelques semaines déjà

Les lives, le TG de Jean Marie et le forum

Et comme tous les frérots, tu dois t’adapter

Réfère toi au règlement général pour modifier ta présentation

See you soon cowboy


Hello and welcome.

Come one, just use any average translator as deepl or even Google translate to have a good idea of what is written or what you have to write (translate your French with these tools before to read it and control it, then post it).

It will not be that hard and I am pretty sure some guys here are doing it as well :wink:


Okay, okay! No more crying!

thank you for your answer and effort

Question 1: What is the satoshi channel? What is it?

Second question, when there are physical meetings it’s in English too?

I want to go abroad with my family what are your best options?

Thank you for your wise light

Lion is DBL

Hey hey,

Do not forget to add _G4 to your username: Biggy_G4.

Regarding possible expatriation destinations - it really depends on what you want. I would recommend the Czech Republic, but I guess I am a bit biased.

I think Hungary is also a potential great destination for families. Both the Czech Republic and Hungary are quite rich and more “advanced” than other Eastern European countries, so your family might like it more.

In fact, the Czech Republic’s GDP per capita (in French: PIB par habitant) just passed Italy’s and Spain’s.

Prague and Budapest are especially beautiful (not just in the center) and some of the most advanced European cities. People speak great English there.

I however need to warn you that Hungarian is a very difficult language, much harder than Czech, Russian or other languages of the region. If English only is already a problem, then I’d advise not moving there.

If you are interested in moving to the Czech Republic, would like to go there, or would like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Hope this was helpful!



Hi again @Biggy

You mentioned me with the @ but I am not quite the best person to reply at your question but I will just try to show you that by browsing yourself the forum it should be possible to get a few leads…

  • expatriation section: CLICK here

  • see all international existing sections here: CLICK here

  • here the all sections of the forum should be a good bookmark for you as you can see a little bit the all places of the forum: CLICK here

For Satoshi just use the email you have received with the link to see the all episodes of the DBL shows.

There is one presenting and launching the Satoshi…

But here a useful link: Satoshi

:boom: Last, you look too much in the “drive my life for me” style, wake up mate:

  • nobody has to choose the country where you will leave for you, so ask about a few key points you want in your daily life it will be more constructive to get an accurate help in my opinion.

  • same thing for Satoshi, browsing the forum and look at your DBL videos episodes and you will have a few answers by yourself.

:point_right: Moderators: you guys should maybe look to move this thread as it is not a “presentation” (profile introduction post) and thus it is in the wrong section :wink:


Hi @WarrenBuffbet_G3 @Klemah_CZ_G2 @Chick_Norris

Thank you very much for all your answers and light. I understand your fears but “drive my life for me” style.

I ask these questions for information and pedagogy take and easy

Then I’m looking for a community where I can bring, solid and long-term.