DBL Ukraine trip

Hi guys, I’m here to say that the Travel Barack is back, in partnership with @Jeremie.coach-G2 from Section Ukraine!

In fact, after being the special guest of DBL live last month in order to speak about his experience in Eastern Europe and mainly in Ukraine, Jeremie has received litteraly PLENTY of inquiries from you guys about coming to Ukraine.

Few weeks later I received a call from Silvio, saying to me “Hey Logan, Jeremie would like to organize a travel in Ukraine specifically for DBL members, are you up to manage it with him?”.

Of course I said yes! It’s now a long time that the travel Barack is sleeping!

So now, Jeremie has the pleasure to present you the trip he’s planning to offer you in his new homeland : Ukraine.

To facilitate the trip’s organization and make it affordable, interesting, and funny for YOU, he just sent me a Poll, to let you chose with him, the ideal DBL’s Ukrainian Trip.

Of course, as the organization of such a travel is not that easy, only 10 places are available.

To be sure to have your place their, and to be a part of the creators of the travel, click on this link here and fulfill the questionnaire!

Peace :facepunch:

Jeremie & Logan


Great idea guys, would love to be part of it.

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Thanks for you work, guys. I might join you there. Spassiba bolchoie.


It is a fantastic idea guys !

I am in !

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Hey we finally can comment the topic @Logan_G2 , @Thomas_G4 , thanks to @Chick_Norris :pray:

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So yeah, thank you guys to all those who fulfill this form for our DBL BROS UKRAINE TRIP.

I have to admit that I wasn’t expected so much returns from you guys :star:

I’m actually taking all your feedback and I’m going to create such a wonderful trip for you / for us guys !!

I’m really in a hurry to welcome you all here in my homeland!

As you probably already know, I’m on the way to be daddy. So it’s time for me now to create more and more connexion here.

That’s why you can count on me in Ukraine, and I’ll always do my best to offer you a beautiful experience !

Please, be ready! For now the guys I’ve selected are really HOT, and it gonna be really valuable for all of you guys.

If you want to explore a new country, meet new friends, spend time with the prettiest girls of the Earth, and SCALE your business, so then just fill the form and be part of the adventure!


You want to see how is Ukraine actually ?

Let me have the pleasure to share with you these three picture from this week-end.

We are actually enjoying a music festival on the edge of a wonderful lake in Ukraine, called “Kyiv Sea”.

You’ll see how it show the peacefulness of our country, Ukraine :heart:

The peacefulness itself, imaged by a couple, chilling, the feet in water:

One of the scenes of the festival, in the middle of the wood :

What they call “Tea Ceremony”, it’s a powerful moment with like-minded people, where you drink kind of a shot of strong specific tea. It’s like an espresso of coffee but with tea.

Bonus, because I find it Wonderful :

By the way @Dominique_G4 , the topic I was telling you about is this one.

You have the presentation of the trip in the first message of this post!

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