DBL’s “mini-tel rose” (cybersecurity) barrack is hiring!

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What is « mini-tel rose » barrack ? It’s the official DBL group for cybersecurity (like crypto barrack for crypto, travel barrack for travel, propaganda barrack for propaganda…)

What we do?

  • We will organize collective CTF (hacking challenges) 2 to 3 times a month to progress together.
  • We are testing security of DBL websites to prevent any kind of intrusion.
  • defend DBL against the enemies of the community.
  • more generally our work is to make sure that DBL community and DBL members are protected against attacks.
  • And much more!

Who are we searching?

  • Mainly people who have skills in Pentesting (like web, network, defense and so on…)
  • People who are good at OSINT.
  • But if you have skills in others fields of security (crypto, reverse engineering, binary exploitation…) it’s ok too!

What is in for me?

  • Some of us got a job!
  • This is opportunity to practice cybersecurity with us and gets new contacts!

How to postulate?

  • Send me a private message, and we will review your profile.
  • The places are limited! We will not select everybody, to increase your chances to be selected make sure you post as much information about your skills and your achievements (like CTF rankings, or projects).

Hi Bro

Very nice project, it interest me. I will soon apply for this position