DBL Netlinking solution : Backlinks SEO

Hello brothers :facepunch:, I’m Leopold.DW_G4,

:money_with_wings: You spend to much money in Google, Facebook ads and you want recurrent revenue ?

:mag: You’ve tested the SEO, but after months of hard work you can’t reach top Google rank ?

:sparkles: I have the key for you : Backlinks

:timer_clock: But finding good links is hard, time-consuming and expensive.

This is why I’m here to present you the new version of the DBL Netlinking : Backlinks SEO.

What is a backlink ?

It’s a link pointing on your website to show Google that you are trusted.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: More the link comes from a trusted site, more powerful the backlink will be and your SEO will up

:warning: Google want natural link, it will punish if you get caught in a link exchange. To avoid that :

  • Make triangular links
  • Wait 2-3 weeks before sending the other link to your partner

This sound easy but where can I found other website in my niche with the good metrics how want to sell, buy and exchange ?

This is where the solution came.

What is Backlinks SEO ?

Backlinks SEO is a subscription-based netlinking to facilitate the acquisition of backlink where you can :

  • Find website in your niche with the goods metrics who want to buy, sell or exchange links
  • Proposals of triangular links by mail
  • Automatic proposal of website in your niche each week
  • Find your SEO writer

How much will it cost ?

For now, it’s only few euros by months for qualitative services. When more websites will be linked, this will bring more value. Start now, and you will have discount on new features.

> Join today the DBL Netlinking to improve your SEO

Free features

If you want to sell or exchange your links and become freelancer, you can add for free your site here :

But you can’t see the other sites, you will only receive proposals.


Great project, I hope it will rise up for you, i could be a user later when my SEO on-site will be OK


Thank you, I hope this will help the community as much as possible.

This is the V1, it will be improved weeks by weeks.

For now :

  • 52 Websites in 15 niches

  • 1 SEO Writter

  • 23 Linking proposal

New improvement : Better UX when selecting the niches


Update : Adding the free features