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I repost my presentation after join Dbl.

My name is dawid i have been located in thailand for 16 years (i understand the failure of my country long time ago), i am married with one kid, i own few internet businesses (no drop shipping). I also have a small printing and manufacturing clothes company (polos, shirts, hoodies).

I have a stable life, no drink, a lot of work 15 hours per day, a bit sport when have time, like trekking and sailing.

I need like everybody a good network for launch projects on IT industry. I speak english of course not like a natif but as a good level for business, i also speak thai as my english.

I work for myself on ecommerce i also work as IT manager for an australian APP retailer company based in thailand (2 years). Hope in futur can get a thai section for Dbl.

cheers and beers hope doing business soon.


Hi Dawid ! Nice to meet you ! I m living in Thailand too, where do u live in the country of smile? :slight_smile:

May be we can meet… :wink:

Thx, cryptoleptique :call_me_hand:

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