Daniel Progress Log - Beginner investor

Hello to all the brothers.

In ancient Greece, it was believed that an army made up of lovers would be invincible because none of its members would dare to flee the fight and appear weak in front of those he loves. I prefer girls but you get the idea. This social pressure, I intend to use it to my advantage.

I decided to create my own progress log to display it to the entire DBL community.

Social pressure is extremely effective on me, the last thing I want is to sound like a fool in front of those I love, and for DBL, I’d rather die than look like a coward in front of you.

My goals have changed since my presentation:

  • :books: :open_book: :books: I intend to change engineering school, the one where I am does not please me and is below my level. I have to take the CPGE exams as a free candidate, which requires preparation where discipline is essential.

  • :open_book: At the same time maintaining a correct level in my school where I am now, these lessons are not bad, it is always good to take.

  • :moneybag: Immediately after the exams, on May 8, I plan to start my first online business while continuing my studies. I have an idea that seems good to me, I can’t wait to get started. I will also start Tugan’s classes. I would very much like to start before but the CPGE competitions are too demanding.

  • :computer: For my choice of specialization, I hesitate between cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, financial engineering, software development.

  • :underage: Stop porn

  • :uk: Reach C1 level in English by the end of my studies.

  • :airplane: :brazil: Then I plan to move to Brazil and if it has not already been done, ask to open the first section in South America. I hope that one day I will be able to present this country to the community which seems promising to me.

see you tomorrow brothers !


Monday, January 11, 2021

A correct day that ends. I did two deepwork for my exams. I started and finished a thermodynamics exercise on heat engine.

I worked in programming, on SQL databases. I had to modify a table creation script to conform to what we were asked to do.

I also took advantage of a gap in my school schedule to revise Chinese.

No porn

I think two deepworks are not enough for my exams. I will do three a day during the week and more at the weekend.

See you tomorow.


Tuesday, January 11, 2021

I am considering converting to Catholicism. Why am I going to do this, me who is basically a rational person ?

I seek wisdom in the dome, spiritual elevation in prayer, discipline in its laws. I want to be a complete man and it will not happen without spirituality. It is also the religion of my ancestors, not very distant, my grandparents are Christians.

This morning I had practical work in electronics, the objective was to convert a force applied to a bar into a tension to introduce the resistance of the materials. My group was responsible for making a non-inverting amplifier, which is quite simple. It did not work and we did not understand why, probably a material problem because we have checked and rechecked the assembly. The professor found that the operational amplifier was burnt out.

It will be a few days since I have not jerked off, I feel the aggressiveness rising in me. I want to throw my stuff against the wall just to let off steam. I transform this aggressiveness into discipline.

I did my three deepwork sessions, i worked on solid dynamics

No porn

See you later.


Today, I continued to work on solid mechanics, and data bases.

No porn

I did 2 out of 3 deepwork because I woke up too late because I worked too late last night, so I go to bed earlier so as not to get into a vicious circle.

See you tomorrow.

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Thursday January 14, 2021

A very normal day which ends.

I did my 3 deepworks, I worked on the probabilities. I also worked the databases this morning.

No porn

About porn, the logbook is very effective, I changed one’s mind several times because I didn’t want to write here that I had watched it.

See you tomorow.


Friday January 15, 2021

I haven’t quit all day and yet I haven’t been able to work on my classes.

I did the shopping, paperwork, cleaning.

I am considering subscribing to the Satoshi channel.

No porn.

See you later.


Saturday, January 16, 2021

I bought 150 euros worth of bitcoins to verify that I will be able to have some before signing up to the Satoshi channel.

Then I tried to subscribe to the Satoshi channel but my card did not pass.

So I wanted to buy 300 euros of bitcoins to regulate my access to the channel thanks to them but surprise, it did not work.

However, I have not exceeded any payment limit, I will wait a few days and see if the problem persists. Otherwise I will order another card with another bank.

I worked Chinese

No porn

See you later


Sunday, January 17th 2021

I worked well this Sunday, I did 4 deepwork sessions to continue to revise Chinese. It takes time, especially the writing. I would have had to do more but I preferred to be present during the live.

I started the process to have a new bank account, hoping it will bother me less.

The live this Sunday made me want to get into e-commerce even more. I can’t wait to get started.

No porn.

Since I haven’t been watching porn for a week, and the diary is doing really well on me, I’m going to take it a step further. I will quit masturbation until further notice. It tends to make me more aggressive and I plan to use this energy.

I did 850 minutes of deep work, 17 sessions in the week. Normally, I do around 1200, it is mainly because of Friday when my day of class was full and that I condensed all the tasks of daily life.

See you later.


Congrats for your discipline until now!!! Keep going bro!

What is the app you are using to track your logs?


Thanks bro !

I use forest. If you want to get it I advise you to take the full version, it costs 2 or 3 euros. It allows you to lock your phone during a timer so as not to be distracted. Every time you use it it plants a tree and you can see how long you’ve been working.


Monday, January 18th 2021

I worked well this Monday, I continued to work on Chinese, I worked on solid mechanics, and java.

I did 4 deepwork sessions, not bad in the middle of the week.

Regarding java, I will soon be able to create a complete software with a database and a graphical interface, I say soon because my skills still limited. I will present myself to the DBL pro catalog when my skills will be better.

The previous live made me want to work more on my english, especially my accent. But it’s not my priority and I can’t afford to disperse myself.

No porn, no masturbation.


Well done buddy.

Keep up the good work .

How do you study Chinese ? I’m asking because method is key in language fluency acquisition and the way we get taught languages at school is utterly ineffective, you freshly graduated from highschool so I assume you are studying the way they teach you in class.


Yes, i agree the way languages are teached in highschool is not effective. But in engeneering school, they have precise objective in our languages skills, it seems more professional to me. The majority of the work is personal. In french highschools, they recruit the teachers for they level in French, they are not native and we can hear it in their accent. I have a native Chinese as a teacher.

I am working Chinese just to have a correct grade, so that I am left alone and that I can work on more important things. I really focused on this on these last few days because I had an exam on Monday.

Chinese has a very simple grammar, but i have to learn many symbols by hearth, it’s how i learn and why it takes time


Well done bro. I agree that social pressure is really powerful. Hope it’ll help you in your discipline journey.

For chinese, as a beginner I used 2 really good apps. HelloChinese, you have « immersion » exercices with chinese native speaker and a lot of games. And Skritter to learn chinese writing.

All the best and stay focus :facepunch:

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Thank you bro. Yea, social pressure is very effective, specially on me. The most difficult for me is not to work hard but solitude. Nobody is ambitious as me (except in DBL), it is why nobody understand why i am working so hard. I found people who can understand that.


Tuesday, January 19th 2021

I succeeded to do 3 deepwork sessions , even if i was specially tired. I worked java and engeering science. I regularly have crises of meaning, like everything that I did was useless. I find it difficult to measure the fruit of my work for the moment, we will see in the exams.

No porn, no masturbation. It was difficult to not relapse. I really felt the violence of having no choice and it was painful. I was exausthed at the end of this day.


Wenesday, january 20th 2021

I had a math test which I did very easily. It was about the probabilities.

I also came out of my loneliness because I could no longer. I went to talk to the manager of my building. It was funny.

I still did 2 deep work even though I was tired. I worked on solid mechanics

No porn, no masturbation.

See you later.


Hi! Good to see that you kept posting your progress. How was it going for you the last few days ?


It was a lot of works and exams, i was speccially tired mentally and physically, but i am feeling better now. It just that my body sometimes can’t follow my projects. I relatively succedeed it, even if it was not my priority. But at the end, i was dead.


I hope you succeeded your exams!

Sometimes, I have trouble keeping my discipline everyday. I was thinking that it would be great to have a group like the « groupe de clochards » but to build discipline and make sure the group membres did their daily todo list (morning ritual, sport, language learning, deep work…). Would you be interested in joining it ?