Cyril, 18 years old, Aspiring / Game designer student

Hi everyone !

I’ve been watching for quite a long time Corda’s videos, i though at first he was a bit radical… That was before realising most of my kind are ruining my country, the country that accepted my mom here, the country my great grandfather fough for.

I since decided to open my eyes and leave the contry as FAST as possible. i’m still too young to decide such extreme positions and decisions, but its been made, my familly is mostly dead, and i’m left with my thoughs.

I studied stylism, and i’m currently working as a Designer for a techwear brand. My studies were moslty useless, filled with brainwashing taught by ignorants, im looking for ways to improve myself, my lifestyle, as well as my tormented mind.

i’ve been living in Paris for all my life. And i cant phrase how much i hate it. the mindsets. the IQ levels of certain people… and the crimes. As a mixed man with black dead parent, i got taugh and educated the “French” way, learning about culture, art, and what made France what it is now.

The fact that i have been taught that way helped me a lot through life, and i am sick of people hating on my country’s patrimony.

France became a shithole, and i cannot wait to move out, and finally live the life you’re intended to live.

Shot term goals : Working on living a better life, concretising my Clothing buiseness, geting the hell out of France as much as i love her.

Long term goals : relying only on people with my view of life. being rich enough and wise enough to use my money in the gimoineood way. working from anywhere as long as i have my PC

Thanks to JM, and all the people who helped me realise the problem.


Side note, i am really looking forward to learn from “woke” people here, help me!

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