Cyprien|15|Student + HTML/CSS Programmer

Hello my name is Cyprien I’m currently living in est of the France , in Champagne. I have 15 years old but i’m already learning how to code in HTLM/CSS. I’m here for become better person and become freedom, in my opinion it’s the most important things in the life. In 3 years I want leave the france to go in Russia or Estonia.

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welcome cyprien

Welcome here @Cyprien

Are you a DBL member? If so, please add _G3 to your username. Otherwise, join the waiting list to be part of the next generation.

Now, let's correct those nasty mistakes shall we?

You can’t become freedom, but you can become free.

In life. Just ‹ life ›.

You want to leave France (not THE France).

And you wanna go to Russia or Estonia (not IN).

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I’m not a DBL member yet but I will join the waiting list right now and how much is it ?

Welcome Cyprien, you’ve chosen the right skills to master.

15 years ?? Nice Cyprien, welcome !

Yes, thank you .

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Welcome Cyprien,

Nice to meet someone from Champagne, I come from this region too. I was living in Reims, and you ?

To answer to your question, DBL waiting list cost 1€ per month and it will be a new door opening soon

Ok thanks, I’m living in small village next to Troyes.

Welcome among us, Cyprien!

Just curious, do you have Romanian origins like Cyprien, the youtuber? Or you’re pure French?

I haven’t origin i’m 100% pure french, thanks btw.

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Hmm I see, Champagne is a big region

Well, Nice to meet you and see you next time on the forum