Current state of whorehouse and prostitution in Europe and the rest of the world at the time of Covid 19

Hello guys

Here is just a question, not a report.
Question to the guys who live in different countries, or who traveled recently in different countries.

To give an exemple, Paradise in la Jonquera is still closed.

Basically I want to know in what country I can go to enjoy nice escort.

Of course I believe that everywhere we can still use website to find girls, but it’s not my favorite things. I like to see the girls and speak with them, so I prefer clubs, bars or whorehouses.
I was thinking that maybe we can find some escorts in some regular bars when it’s open (in case club or whorehoueses are closed).

You can answers for any countries. But if someone have info for Bulgaria, Roumania, Greece… Mexico, Colombia, Thailand… that would be great.


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In Catalonia, the big prostitution clubs (discotheques) have been closed since the “pandemic”.

However, the “pisos” (small establishments), escort agencies where girls come to your house (or hotel), independent escorts and massage addresses are allowed.

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