CryptoTunes_G5 - Pro Composer 21yo

Nice to meet you guys, I am CryptoTunes a new member of Dbl. I made one of the CHECOIN anthems, one that JM shared twice (the one called ‘’ [Jean Marie Corda FT. Tugan Bara - “Checoin Rap” (Prod. CryptoTunes)]

I recently moved to Prague and I am a member of the Czech faction. Here are some details about me:

Age: 21

Activity: Professional Beatmaker (been doing it full time for 3 years) my work gathered over 150M views but I want to keep it private. I am also quite savvy in marketing. Currently working on some software.

Short-term goals? Reaching a stable $15k net profit monthly income, so I can get my assistant and be more flexible. I peaked at $13k some years ago but wasn’t stable. I am currently expanding and exploring other ventures.

Long-term goals? $7,000,000 Net worth by the time I am 30. Living with 3 girlfriends, having a six-pack (Durov style). Having a group of like-minded people to wake up and make money with. In my 40s and 50s I want to focus on meditation and self-actualization.

Passions/hobbies: I have an Asian fetish, I must hit on every pretty Asian girl I see. I like anime, exercising, sex and crypto. I dream of buying an Itasha (google it, you’ll thank me). I also like reading.

Living situation: I lived in 4 European countries. I am currently living in Prague alone.

Languages: Fluent in EN, DE, FR, IT, conversational in Spanish

affective situation: Spinning plates (Dating multiple women in a non-monogamous way) I left my LTR.

Reason for your arrival? I vibe with JM and Tugan a lot. I met some DBL guys and we go very well together. I am tired of paying obnoxious taxes so I moved to eastern Europe.

I hope I can bring value. Have a nice day warriors.


Welcome to you !


Welcome ! We have similar profiles :wink: I would love to discuss with you :raised_hands:t3:

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Hey! I did hear your remix for checoin it was pretty fun. Feel free to shoot me a dm

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