Crossed Strategy affiliation program and Special offer for DBL members

TITLE: Cross strategy affiliation offer and exclusive offer for DBL members

BEFORE EVERYTHING, if you are not interested in affiliation, but still want to make some money, I can carry out the cross strategy I propose to affiliate with YOU! Hi guys,

The product that I propose to the affiliation (cross strategy) is a method which consists in taking advantage intelligently of the bonuses that the French bookmakers offer us (Winamax, Unibet, Bwin…). When you register, these bookmakers offer you bonuses on your first bet up to a certain amount (first bet reimbursed up to 100 euros for example). This allows us to cover all the outcomes of a match without taking any risk. So by repeating the operation with all bookmakers offering interesting bonuses, we manage to generate between 300 and 800 euros of profit with certainty (450 euros of profit on average).

The method takes 6 weeks to complete and take less than 2 hours and everything is done by email via a spreadsheet: people just follow the instructions I send them in the spreadsheet - it’s as simple as that!

As for the cost of the method, it’s very simple: I take a percentage commission on the earnings of the people for whom I use the method (30% for the DBL guys and 40% for the others).

This makes this product very interesting and easy to “sell”, because it costs absolutely nothing!

Concerning the affiliation it’s very simple, for each person who comes to realise the strategy on your behalf you get 30% of the commission I take.

I will pay you on the 1st of the month following the end of the method with the person you will have brought back (for example, imagine that the person ends up on March 17, 2021 having earned 620 euros, I will pay you 74 euros on April 1, 2021).

But before I start earning money from my affiliation I can already carry out the cross strategy with YOU!

Here is the sales page : Landing Page Here the website :

For those who want to become an affiliate, send me a message and I will give you your affiliate code!

ATTENTION in order to be able to track down which affiliate brings me which person it is IMPERATIVELY necessary that the people who come to do the method on your behalf have entered your code in the TELEPHONE section of the email capture form. WITHOUT THIS, I wouldn’t be able to pay you, because I wouldn’t be able to know who is coming from you…

Good day to you !

AVANT TOUTE CHOSE, si vous n’êtes pas intéressé par l’affiliation, mais que vous souhaitez quand même vous faire un peu d’argent, je peux réaliser la stratégie croisée que je propose à l’affiliation avec VOUS !

Salut les gars,

Le produit que je propose à l’affiliation (Stratégie croisée) est une méthode qui consiste à profiter intelligemment des bonus que nous proposent les bookmakers français (Winamax, Unibet, Bwin…). Lors de votre inscription, ces bookmakers vous proposent des bonus sur votre premier pari à hauteur d’une certaine somme (premier pari remboursé à hauteur de 100 euros par exemple). Cela nous permet donc de couvrir toutes les issues d’un match sans prendre aucun risque. Ainsi en répétant l’opération avec tous les bookmakers proposant des bonus intéressants, on arrive à générer entre 300 et 800 euros de bénéfice de manière certaine (450 euros de bénéfices en moyenne).

Concernant le fonctionnement, la méthode dure 6 semaines et prend moins de 2h au total et tout se passe par mail via un tableur : les personnes se contentent de suivre les instructions que je leur envoie dans le tableur ce n’est pas plus compliqué que ça !

Pour ce qui est du cout de la méthode, c’est très simple : je prends une commission en pourcentage sur les gains des personnes pour qui je réalise la méthode ( 30% pour les gars de DBL et 40% pour les autres).

Cela rend donc ce produit très intéressant et facile à “vendre”, car il ne coute strictement rien !

Concernant l’affiliation c’est très simple, pour chaque personne qui vient réaliser la stratégie de votre part vous touchez 30% de la commission que je prends.

Je vous paierai la 1er du mois qui suivra la fin de la méthode avec la personne que vous aurez ramenée ( par exemple, imaginez que la personne finit le 17 mars 2021 en ayant gagné 620 euros, je vous paierai 74 euros le 1er avril 2021 )

Mais avant de commencer à gagner de l’argent grâce à mon affiliation je peux d’ores et déjà réaliser la stratégie croisée avec VOUS !

Voici la page de vente : Landing Page Ici notre site internet :

Pour ceux qui veulent devenir affiliés, envoyez-moi un message pour que je vous donne votre code d’affilié !

ATTENTION pour pouvoir traquer quel affilié me ramène quelle personne il faudra IMPÉRATIVEMENT que les personnes qui viennent pour faire la méthode de votre part aient rentré votre code dans la rubrique TÉLÉPHONE du formulaire de capture d’email. SANS ÇA, je ne pourrais pas vous payer, car je ne serais pas en mesure de savoir qui vient de votre part…

Bonne journée à vous !


Good Luck Thom!

Thanks for the support :wink:

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I’m insterested in trying this with you. Will it cost me any money in the begining ?

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Hey, you need to deposit 300 euros to start the programm on the different bookmakers


if you had tried to start the method with me and did not receive anything, come to me. The mail capture page is not working at the moment, I’ll modify this message when this will be fixed (1 or 2 days max).


Hi guys, the problem is solved the sales page is working :+1: :+1:

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@Charlie_G1 (sorry I don’t know who prepares the JM program for the live)

To be fair to @Thom_G1 and his work, I think JM forgot to ‘‘cover’’ his offer as Alina came right when JM said ‘’ Affiliation, Thom’’ and right after, JM returned to the news but directly on the next ‘‘offer’’ without covering/reading/presenting Thom’s offer.

I may be wrong and I missed this moment but I don’t think so as I was curious to see this presentation.

Good luck and let’s hope we can enjoy it for the next Live? I will write it in DBL news btw for you to keep in mind.

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Hi, we finally got a website :

Here is the link :

Nice day !

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The program is perfectly legit and works very well, congratulations Thom !

Thank you for your patience when I had to deal with some issues regarding various bookmakers.

Guys what are you waiting for ? It’s free money if you do the Crossed Strategy ! You just have to follow the instructions, which are “deposit X €, bet on Y, withdraw your gains”.

You can’t lose because these bookmakers pay you back if your first bet is lost.

Just be sure to have a proof of residence so you don’t waste time :wink:


Yes @Thom_G1 is doing something legit and bookmakers are using these bonus to attract people and make them becoming addicted.

So by using it a smart way, you trap them using their own money without falling into the trap.

Good luck guys and keep on being smart against bookmakers as they are used to deal with sheep’s, so make them believe you are another lambda sheep and take the money :moneybag: :wink:


i’m currently in this program too


Thanks @Emile_KLND_G3

But most of the credit goes to my partners @Pierre-G2 who worked hard on this project

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:


Hello @Thom_G1, nice business, simple and effective.

Do you Also use Betfair/OrbitX to place these kind of arbitrage bets ?

How many shots Can a user of the méthod take, as there is only 1 welcome bonus per bookmaker ?

Have a nice day

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Hi, no actually the method used only the book fr ( only for French ) , but Im trying to create a new one for people expatriate with book com ( not for French )

And im sorry but don’t understand “how many shots”

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I was wondering how many Times the process of your strategy can be replicated for one person ?(1 Identity = one Book subsricption)

Normally you can only do this one time, but in reality ( very complexe, not an advice )

If you close your account, you can re open a new one after one year, and again do the strategy

Great job man! How much profit are you making right now?

Thanks bro,

I don’t understand the question, if you are talking about customer benefits that doesn’t change and won’t change unless the bookmakers’ bonuses all change at the same time ( so between 3 and 800 actually )

If you are talking about my profit then I don’t see the point of the question

Oh sorry for being unclear, I just wanted to know if your business was doing well.

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