Configuration first day on my wallet?

Hello Every one, I’m on. Satoshi and I have a question about the initial configuration of my wallet. On the Excell board repartition it’s said to apply for example. 20% of BTC but when I Read the signal It’s write to apply : " **Avant de suivre le signal ci-dessous, assure toi que ton portefeuille crypto est réparti comme ceci :**19% BTC… What I have to do for the first time ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Hello VinceK,

The Excell board repartition has been made once for all. You must adapt it to the current repartition.

So you replace the 20% on the file by the new 19%.
For each money, you write the percent given by the Signal you received this morning.

Today is a good day to come in the market :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Maria, thanks for your answer, have a nice day

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