Circumcised and not feeling sensations

Hey guys, I was circumcised at 2 years old, so I never knew what it was to have a foreskin but unfortunately i’m not feeling anything when having sex, I could last during an hour, do you think they are exercices to get back some sensitivity?


I was circumcised as an adult for medical issue. I can give you two very basic advise : Condom = 0 sensitivity Low sexual energy = same so don’t ejaculate at least 2 to 3 days before have sex I still have a good sensitivity, but i can’t explain you what i loose because i had Phimosis so i couldn’t have sex before the surgery.

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I am mainly fucking escorts so full condom, nicee

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Hi, I had the very same problem but I got circumcised being an adult.

I even went to see a sexologist for this problem! Now it’s solved. Here is what I can tell:

  • as said before, if you can take off the condom thats a first step

  • main advice: you should do mindfulness meditation every day of your life and learn to feel your body. “Meditate” while you fuck, try to feel deeply your own genitals. And focus on your own pleasure, not the one of your partner (ever thought it can sound egoistic).

Doing this, days after days, monthes after monthes, made me get more and more sensation. I used to be just like you, feel absolutely nothing whatever I do (condom or not), and now Im totally normal. I can finish in under 5 minutes if I want because I have a lot of sensations (but I dont finish in 5 mins of course because I know how to control haha).

It feels like your brain can make new nervous connections, just like it does with fitness (if you know what I mean).

Good luck!


Thanks for your advice bro, I am actually also into foreskin restoration but it takes time and you don’t get all the nerves you had before, I’ll combine with what you said to increase the sensitivy even more.