Cinema and Music

Do you know if there is a cinema studio to near Sofia Bulgaria ?

I search a music engeener or music artist for create a french hip hop album. We know fight by culture and recupere our culture by music, with lyrics. We educate bye a story Jeanne d’Arc, notre Dame de Paris, tu récupères le pouvoir…

Inspired by Star Wars, Luc Besson, Chevaliers du Zodiaques, every good inspirations, we can slash booba and I am group. if there are a musician group.

warrior_5 Manga project. Top Secret

omkara47-verso Dissidence, notre pays récupère son droit régalien.


Hello @Omkara_G5 ! Yes there is a cinema studio in Sofia. A great one.


Hello !

I’m sorry but your english is catastrophic, your topic is incomprehensible.

At least, use Deepl, it’s a very good translation software especially if you have difficulties.

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There is a big studio in Boyana (south district of Sofia) : There are many well-known hollywood movies who were shot there.

But I don’t know any sound engineer or musician here. I’m not even sure I understand what you are looking for.


Hey there,

I’ve been to Boyana studios recently. Many Hollywood directors are choosing Sofia for filming movies, because of the low cost.

I know someone who might help you. He is a videographer but works with other people. Send me a private message if you are interested and I can introduce you to this person.


Hi, Chris_G3, thank you for reply. Currently I am stuck in France for family reasons. as soon as I could go to Bulgaria, I contacting you. Have nice day.