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You are on the EOVO program members’ discussion space. In order not to pollute the space dedicated to warren’s communication, I suggest that we speak here about this fabulous project. It’s yours



i wondered what is the real interest of profil 1 and 2 (i have profil 3), since they just are less interesting since the beginning


It was supposed to be a supporting example of how anyone could have a different daily planning (daily job full time and barely an hour or do max a day for betting, a few hours a day or full time bettor).

Then if, as planned, in a bit of time, I will publish any book/ebook or/and betting formation we can easily use them as a sample of how it is still possible to just find, and bet let say a good opportunity a day or every 2 days and still make ok money regularly even without the obligation to dedicate all your time, risk your daily job asap etc.

More in the future hopefully then :wink:


My experience with Warren’s offer is outstanding.

Professional, efficient… he wanted to test a service by doing everything by hand himself.

He didn’t lose his head… it’s really nice.

V2 will have more rules, but I think it is necessary for him (vacation, family, rest).

And don’t forget that when we will be in contact with the V2 platform, don’t look like a bunch of hicks. Warren plays his credibility by bringing a portfolio of customers, it is necessary to honor him! :fist_right:t2: :fist_left:t2:

Lot of love all brothers !


Thanks @Arkentus_G5 for this quality input. Yes we are not going to play with monkey coins neither dealing with monkeys so we have to behave a professional way, I guess even the communication will be regulated to avoid the broker to be bothered and kick us out.

Like a pre-filtering on our side in the case we already have the answer etc, then if he is the only one able to answer then

WE would email him from our side with your query and you in copy for example.

Something like that will be worked out before to start, the brokers can’t and doesn’t want to deal with so many guys (especially mostly noobs).


Hello Guys.

Good thing to create this side topic

I was wondering how a broker can deal with such a group just winning money (never loosing). Is there still an interest for the broker. I mean, the broker earns money when we loose no ?

Or maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. :sweat_smile:

Thanks again @WarrenBuffbet_G3 for your job


I am pretty sure I explained it already :grin:

But first think about a broker for other types of markets like stocks. He has for sure some good clients so what can/will he do? Profile him and almost sure copy him at least a bit on his trades and get some % coms additionally. And if they identify guys that are always stupid but good and regular money ‘‘injectors’’ they would I guess oppose them.

Betting brokers copy bets as well, earn coms from the bookmakers on turnover from their clients and then if they have good money LOSERS only (imagine a Qatar guy bored who wants to bet) they can test him then ‘‘oppose him’’ on trades (it is called position taking) .

It is more or less like that.


warren,it means that there are brokers that copy your bets ?


Of course, but since WE BET LIVE (during the match) the liquidity (price etc) recovers asap and they bet for us we do not care if they add their stake to ours themselves or take right after… It is a win/win deal and we know it.


Hey guys,

Let me share with you my experience with EOVO. I started in April, and made between +28% and +33% every month. By investing in the project for almost 4 month now, I can say that it is amazing.

Warren answer all my questions in less than one hour, a few minutes the most of the time. He really cares about investors and take time to explain everything. Also, it is very easy to withdraw capital from your investment at the first wednersday of the month.

The results are amazing, I win more than a French minimum salary every month by investing only 4.000€.

To be honest, I have never participated to an amazing investment project like this one in the past. I recommend to all the investors I know and the others members of DBL.

Thanks Warren !


this project and checoin seem to be the best businesses

i’m surprised jean ma didn’t put money on it


Thx for your words @fab5916_G4

I guess he will, leave him do his life, priorities, and I am sure he will support (I have a few info I can not share) and communicate (or DBL will) once it will be very close to the V 2.0 at latest.

I am thinking what I can do with Checoin that could support them and make a move from us/me to this great great work that master Tugan and co delivred (and you know if you follow my posts here that I always admired Tugan for how smart and hardworking he is.).

Patience and work, always :fist_right: :fist_left: :nazar_amulet: :rocket: :hibiscus:


Becarefull of Checoin. It’s gambling. I made an X3 in 24 hours for fun but it’s too dangerous. Currently Checoin is stagnating, I think many will sell …



Hey I meant like support it MY way or offer a way to inject small fees in it etc from my project. Just to support, contribute to their super project and forget about the funds that will be involved in it, HOLD :rocket::hourglass_flowing_sand::bank:

:pushpin: Let’s don’t judge or study the Checoin here and let stay in the subject we knows well.

You are already aware that I do not like other markets and what I do not control and know enough.

Crypto has and will never be my cup of tea.

But I know that it is between the hands of a guy (again a lot of guys not him alone so cheers guys) that has something special and all risks and size kept on the safe side, what and how he did it (whatever if it fails one day) it is just outstandingly HIM.

I never could describe enough precisely in my posts and chats with others how and what I felt with Tugan from the very first time Isaw him on the screen (I am not in love ok :grin:) or just say that as a very spiritually sensitive person myself, he is full of an energy and a powerful brain vibe that is very rare.

Yes, with all the respect he deserves, I admire him.

The day I spoke to him cam to cam I chickened out and it was a difficult day for me, but a moment that confirmed me he is full of vibes, eyes and brain all together making him one of the person on my special list.

Let’s close the chapter on Tugan himself here,

:rocket: big respect and anytime your “betting consultant” again around a talk or a chit chat.


Hello everyone The small “tax” team is progressing well !!! Stay tuned !


A small survey for those who want to answer.

What project do you want to finance by investing in EOVO ?


Hi Fabrice,

I want to reinvest all my gains into Stock market and Real Estate, and pushing my compound effect To ze Moon, and for sure keep investing into Warren Project,

Have a Nice day


Hello, Real estate for personnal and family use. And still holding in EOVO. And you @fabriceG3?


Hi guys,

Just to say that It is still planned to get the google form to fill for all of you (the last one before the V 2.0) but I have had plentyof more urgent things to take care of.

Expect then a few infos about that form to fill and the V 2.0 in the main topic the coming days.

Until then, enjoy your week-end !



real estate investments and monthly income but not immediately