Charl'Übermensch's logbook | 2024=✈

Hi bro,

Still in the same situation but like I said, I’m adapting.

In total, I read only 135 pages of Les Soviets en Russie. It’s not enough but it’s a beginning, I didn’t read for weeks.

About work

I felt like all the environment was against this goal: slothful people, not any professional stuff.

But the strength is within action and the weakness within reaction.

I won’t be a result of my shitty environment, my blyatiful environnement will be a product of me.

So I tried to wrote 4 videos and I made audios. I lack of power within the voice, it often looks like I’m making a presentation for school.

I started to copy sellpages. I finished a AWFULLY long one and started another.


Finished one

Started one

I’m respecting my 30 minutes of YouTube limit (except for DBL lives) and I haven’t taken any hot shower since 16 days.

After at least 54 relapses within the year, I’m finally upon a 8 days streak. It looks like nothing but normally the addiction is at 80% gone. In addition I never relapsed at this point, except when I was edging and in a particular context (for the 14 days relapse).

Thanks for your heed,
I wish you the best, :money_with_wings:


Hi bro,

:arrow_backward: Report about the week that ended

EDIT: I forgot the most important subject. No relapse this week but I had a wet dream

I must assume that I haven’t went a lot further with my sellpage copying.

I spent most of this week reading or sadly consuming a little bit too much my phone.

I re-watched most of good DBL lives and then watched RXs from Tugan. I noticed two new podcasts of Paul Wagener, neat!

I’ve consumed a little bit of LBRY up to the point I chose to limit it at 1 hour.

I developed addiction behaviors with Telegram: I’ve noticed that every time that I open my phone, I click on Telegram icon without thinking about it.

Another thing with Telegram is notification: I thought that I disabled it within the app but I still had notification. Thereby, I’ve disabled notification totally for the app.

I’ll make that I open Telegram only after the diner, the time that our uppermost leader allows us to consume.

:green_book: Books

I finally ended my book “Les Soviets en Russie” (the soviets in Russia). The end is pretty funny, the bolchevik that said “all the power to soviets” finally end up taking all the power for their dictatorship. (a good lesson upon “revolution”)

I re-started to read “The 48 laws of Power” and I dunno why but I find myself reading this book very slowly, like one hour of reading is 10% of the book. The explination is maybe simple: I must read a definition at every sentences.

More upon the book subject I bought a book about Charles de Gaule, 1400 pages-long. I’ll struggle to finish it. In addition, my dad bought me “Le Rouge et le Noir” (The Red and the Black) of Stendhal, a 800 pages-long book.

What I did after coming back to my house is to follow this tutorial, get a domain but I’ve failed to get my VPS. I tried but after getting my bank calling me for fraud, the card was still not working. I tried but there are worse than Facebook: those wretches forbid me to have an account and don’t even tell me why.

I’ve a lot of stuff to do but it’s easy to have a clear mind about what to do when one has one’s dayboard =).

:arrow_forward: Plan for the the next 10 days

Minimalism “mindset”, there are only 5 habits that will truly matter for me:

  1. To exercise
  2. To meditate
  3. To read
  4. To write (either as night ritual or as work)
  5. To copy sellpages (20/80 of marketing)

I’ll maybe make a mobile app* with the streak for each of these habits. In order to “check a streak”, I’ll have to do the activity at least 5 minutes. Even if it’d be 5 minutes to “check a streak”, I’ll try to get 30 minutes in each of these activities (except maybe meditating).

*probably a stupid project I’ll waste my time upon, even though this time I’ll learn something.

Upon work

I’ll stop seeking for activities that might give me some money in “long-term”. I’ll try to get money now. I tried a account, they want my identity. I tried an upwork one, they want a picture of me and my diplomas (I have only my “brevet”). But I’ll never give in, there is no surrender!

I don’t work enough at all. In order to compare to how much I shall work, I’ll add to my next weekreports the “Ortega percent”. It’ll be the time I worked (in hour) divided by the number of hour I shall have worked (100h - slave time).

Thanks for your heed, I wish you the best, :money_with_wings: Cheers!


Very nice reports @Charl-Ubermensch_G3, I didn’t read it all but from what I’ve seen: you’re definitely on track.

I would advise you to order a server at O2Switch. For 60€, you have your own server, you can host and install whatever you want on it. It’s pretty cheap and the support is great.

Keep going bro!


Hi bro,

:ok_hand: A weekreport at old good format, nofap continues, not enough work, waking up later, … :sweat_smile:

🚫 Nofap

Still no relapse since the 6 July 2021. However, I found myself having much more urges. Furthermore, even though I have porn blockers, I might find myself lack of discipline with the noporn. I’ll maybe make another “streak tracker” for noporn.

⏲️ Toggl stats


I feel like I don’t work enough, my Ortega percentage is 13% for now. But the fact is that this week I’ve had a lot of things needed to work that I’ve categorized as “further”. Anyway, this idea that I don’t work enough really touched my moral: I’ve waited all the year for this opportunity to toil and I’m just wasting my time!

👨‍💻 Work

I’ve worked mainly upon finally getting money in my PayPal account, getting my fucking VPS and finally set-up my webserver with a mail server. But all of this failed. The thing that I struggle to ignore is the fact that I’ve paid 25€ to a company to circumvent my issue with PayPal, 5€ for a card and 20€ for a recharge. The recharge haven’t worked, it might be a mistake, however I contact their client support by two ways and they haven’t replied at anything (it’s been only 48h without reply but I feel like they wouldn’t like to reply). Those scammy wretches probably want that I call them on a taxed number… Finally I’ve watched their trustpilot, no one likes them. They use another company to produce their recharge, thereby it’ll be even harder to get my fuckin’ money :sob:

Like @Joffrey_G1 adviced me, I tried o2switch. They are very professional. But the fact that they’re French is really seen within the product.

First of all their terms are unacceptable (I should have read them before to buy the product)

The others have terms unacceptable too but not at such a point.

Others VPSs terms



But the worst is how their product is organized.

I just waited to follow my tutorial.

But they lost me in a bloated interface.

I try to find what I was looking for:

  • simply connect my Epik domain with my VPS (what o2switch made weird or impossible, if I’ve understood I should have transfered my domain to the domains of o2switch, which was an additional step for nothing)
  • simply connect with ssh to my VPS (like in the tutorial)

But o2switch limits their users with:

  • graphical interface (I’m no more 3y, I can manage text)
  • useless limitation
  • they even say that the server should be only use for a website or a mail server (why? If I run an XMPP server, it won’t break anything!)

I lost hours trying to understand how it works.

Finally I found this article

Which said that with them, there are as freedom as in France.

It was too much for me. I just wanted to follow my tutorial. So I asked for refund. The support client is very fast and they replied to me very rapidly.

At least they aren’t scammers like the company that I rely on for PayPal…

The most projects I’ve worked on totally failed: I don’t have any VPS and my PayPal sold is still 0€. :sweat_smile:

I tried to do other things like working upon my notes, once again. I’ve cleaned it up.

EDIT: I forgot to write about my tasks Kanban that I re-use. By re-using it, I feel very organized, especially combined with a dayboard.

I’ve done so much tasks (that might be small sometimes) that it can’t appear in one screen, thereby I’ll share the markdown version of the file:

- [x] Get
- [x] Buy food
- [x] Buy stuff
- [x] Check out
- [x] Make my weekreport
- [x] Contact support of linode
- [x] Anki setup + overdue
- [x] Contact support of VUTLR too
- [x] Clean tasks from 2do to Obsidian Kanban
- [x] Get an haircut
- [x] Upgrade to POP_OS! 21.4
- [x] Change weak passwords
- [x] finish frog tech
- [x] Buying a VPS
- [x] Get a PC card
- [x] Buy a PC recharge
- [x] Buy a notebook, a whiteboard marker, chicken, banana, eggs, sushi, ...
- [x] Get my PC recharge
- [x] swap Num_Lock & Escape
- [x] Set up a gravatar
- [x] Get my Stream account to keepass
- [x] Delete Transnote
- [x] Create virgin vs chad meme DBL
- [x] Disable Binance account
- [x] Delete my protonmail
- [x] Pdf to Kindle
- [x] Say to Mehdi about Chickens
- [x] Delete selfnote vault
- [x] Weekreport

🍌 Health

I woke up later because my parents forbid me to put an alarm at 7am. I shall wake up by myself or with my watch but it’s almost impossible, especially with my lack of sleep.

But there is something I don’t have any excuses for, it’s the hour for which I go to bed. I’ve dared to go to bed later than I did even though the last week I went to bed way too late and the fact of being “free” again shall have given me the opportunity to go to bed at an hour for true nobleman not of a slothful, lazy, idle wretch.

Pretty good but I shall have done better. I shall try to get sport session of 25 minutes on average.

I walk pretty well but I shall take my streak more seriously.

📵 Phone consumption

I think that my screen time has become pretty reasonable, even though 5-6h can be seen as a lot, when I’m watching is mostly when I’m walking, at the supermarket, eating and so on and so forth. However, I abused a little bit with FireFox watching Arte reports in German and then switch to French because I understood only one word within the sentence and this word triggers me. Finally, I’ve wasted a lot of time this Sunday upon the website.

I must assume: the reason why sometimes I spent 2 hours on Telegram was because I was watching Youtube videos embed. You might argue: it’s cheat, you shall reset your youtube streak! However, the only true issue with the app is the recommendations. Btw, it’s why I don’t care about the time I spend on YouTube when I’m with DF YouTube.

I’ve lessened it well. However, I’ve a long way: I shall reduce it up to one time a day. (after the dinner, checking all the messages at once and waiting the next day for the replies)

Thanks for your heed,
I wish you the best, :money_with_wings:


Sorry bro for your misadventure with O2Switch.

I personally use it to host my clients’ websites.

What do you want to do with this server?


Kein problem, if I get my money-back, all will be good.

First of all, I want to follow this tutorial in order to get the same thing as Luke Smith and to be able to follow his other tutorials.

I’d like to:

  • set up an XMPP server
  • set up a gitea server
  • nextcloud instance
  • maybe more…

@Charl-Ubermensch_G3 Hi bro! Did you check UpCloud? Maybe they suit your needs.

I’ve been using their services for 7-8 months already, the prices are good and everything went smooth.

P.S: I see you keep tracking your stuff since since last October. Congrats for being so engaged, especially at your age, that’s a pretty rare quality. Good luck for your future projects! :+1:


I haven’t yet, I’ll check it out. I hope that with it I won’t have to wait to have my PayPal account working, which is the case for VULTR.



Hi bro,

:rocket: Make communism go to space again (CheCoin)

🚀 Checoin

As you know, me and Binance, it’s not a love story.

However, I’ve promoted the coin during the launch.

And it’s only after 24h that I want back to try to buy Checoin.

I’ve went to all websites, I’ve been “scammed” by site that that ask for ID after one has given already a lot of information, I’ve even tried to get back money on PayPal, …

But I couldn’t get any CheCoin!

I was reduced to begging.

But instead of scamming and speaking like a shitty humanist (like people owe me something cuz I achieved birth),

I made an article on my new website, at least I’ve worked.

And then I chatted on Telegram with some bros, sharing my webpage and the fact that I don’t have any CheCoin.

@Arthur_Ivan_G1 gave me $30 in BNB at 11pm!

When I woke up, I had $50 and $10 in dividends (around).

I invested these $10 in the dump.

When I’m writing, I’ve $630 of CheCoin! And the more amazing is that it’s only the beginning!

If CheCoin reaches one billion market cap, I’ll have $16’000 of CheCoin!

Love is contagious, thereby I just shared $10 of CheCoin to a bro that is less than 18yo too. (actually he’s done shit, thereof he’s been excluded of DBL and RX community but he’s still acting like a member).

He’s a fucking noob with crypto, thereby I’ve had to make a kind of tutorial xd.

💻 Work

Thanks to @Lucki.G3 that talked about UpCloud, my domain is finally linked with a fucking VPS!

My webserver is pretty basic (just a file system), I’d make my own backend a day.

My mail server works pretty well… except for sending mails. I dunno why.

⏲️ Toggl


I haven’t tracked my time enough.

Anyway, this week was a mess.

Most of time loss where when I was consuming my time upon CheCoin without having any.

with the shitty Windows laptop that I’m using, the screen is too small to take the “Toggl Calendar” in one screenshot

🍌 Health

For this part of the holiday, I live near to Nice in a small house. Not need to say that it’s fucking hot (I hate that) and that it’ll be hard to live in another rhythm that my parents’ one.

I’ll walk within the evening and maybe within the morning. I try to walk for my pomodoro breaks but this place is such a hell that even walking is too much sport.

A fucking shame. But it won’t heighten because the only sport I’m able to do is swimming (without my watch).

📵 Phone consumption

A fucking shame. I’ve taken the fact that I don’t have my computer when there had been a live to remove my timer. Now I’ve fucked up my no-YouTube streak. (it was 30 days that I respected my timer)

With Checoin, I’ve been re-addicted to Telegram. However, by a misclick, I deleted most of the Checoin chats (not the pumpaganda one hopefully) . I don’t want them back (it was too much messages).


Some weeks ago, I read that Macron forbids to stop school before one’s 18yo. I was destroyed: I could maybe keep 4 months more in the Paris dhimmi-bolchevik hell but not 2 years.

But some days ago, I checked emancipation.

And my fucking god it’s amazing.

I know that I’ll struggle to do it etc…

I’ve a high chance to totally fail and keep being seen as a small kid.

But I’ve hope…

I know that there are people that succeeded!

I know that there are people that worked since they’re 9yo. I know that there are people that have their own flat at 16. I know that there are people that have their own business at 16.

I know that it’ll probably fail but I’ve the possibility to have some freedom without waiting almost 1000 days.

I’ve a huge motivation to make Ortega weeks.

Because I know that there are job that I’m legally able to do.

In France, emancipation sucks a little bit. Even thought one is like in one’s majority, even though the minor isn’t under his parents’ authority, the parents still pay him some things like a frickin’ kid wtf.

I’ve watched a lot of videos about how to make money while being less than 18yo, I’ve compiled them into an article (write to me if I’ve missed anything).

Anyway, as a bro said: now I shall apply.

Sorry for the delay and for the English mistakes if there are some, I’m so tired that I’m making basic errors in English and French. It’s so much that I’ve stopped to be a grammar cop (for a moment).

N.B: in fact my discipline was so low that I broke my month streak with Anki

Thanks for your heed,
I wish you the best, :money_with_wings:


Hi bro,

Updating my website, one month nofap, …

✔️ Tasks
Anki overdue
List all the ways to make money
Check out how Luke Smith accepts Monero
Making all the mails (contact, support, trash, accounts, ...)
Correct tugan email issue
Figma -> forum dbl
VIM learn -> Anki
Mehdi new message
Reddit: fairphone question upon is the screen OLED
Add a header to the website
Update CSS
Correct the markdown
Make broad-based the python scripts and CSS
Make a home
Make a donation page
Sign up for "money accounts"
Update donation page
Add footer (leader price)

On my website I’ve a page with all the ways that I’ve found to make money. I’ve updated the “deep” (content). I’ve made an account for every website (except ebooks ones). And at the end, I’ve updated its look too.

Signing-up for those website really opened my eyes upon the true difficulty of making money. They’re a lot of barriers, some that I can’t overcome (age one for example). But I’ll find a way to work all my “free time”.

Those kind of website aren’t the only way, I shall find internships, as soon as I turn 16yo I shall find jobs.

My mail system is still broken but I found the logs and I might find a solution this week.

⏲️ Toggl


I have a real struggle to track my time loss. As one will see in “Phone Consumption”, I lost a lot of time this last week. Nevertheless, I haven’t tracked a single minute of it.

🍌 Health

Still going to bed too late. I’ll re-put my alarm in order to wake up earlier and thereby go to bed ear too.

I’m not walking enough but it’s very hard in this context (still in the south). I’ll try to swim as I can.

This week I must assume that I just haven’t exercised. This week I’ll be in the same house close to a swimming-pool so I’ll try to swim as I can.

📵 Phone consumption

I installed a privacy-friendly YouTube client NewPipe (only available on F-droid). There is less recommendation, I hope it’ll help with my consumption.

Except that, the app is pretty nice and the feature of listening to the video in background is a very neat.

This Monday too I was moving. I hope that the next week I’ll be able to write my weekreport the Monday.

Thanks for your heed,
I wish you the best, :money_with_wings:


Hi bro,

Updating my server, 5 weeks nofap relapse, …

✔️ Tasks

My todo file had been deleted in the middle of the week so I lost some of my tasks.

What I remember having done:

  • make my own XMPP server
  • getting my 25 port open in order to send email, btw I find the project Keila that would allow my to have self-hosted newsletter (without the censorship of Mailchim, …)
  • refactoring my website (make the back-end code and the files cleaner)
  • add a dark theme for my website
  • correct the buggy background for the “normal” theme of my website

🚫 Nofap

I relapsed after 5 weeks of retention. As well it’s my last relapse of my life.

Anyway, this relapse made me think about something. Often, It’d dream about relapsing. It means that unconsciously I was afraid of relapsing. As the people that believe in law of attraction say “What you believe is what you’ll get”.

Even if I’m weaken by the relapse, I’ll just wait that my streak re-builds itself.

⏲️ Toggl stats


I still track not enough my time. I’ll try to make a week where I track 100% of my time.

I have huge “wholes” where my time isn’t tracked for hours.

🍌 Health

I’ve slept better however I slept later.

Still walking not enough. Once I come back to home, I’ll walk even more to offset.

📵 Phone consumption

I watch a lot of videos while eating or cooking, it’d be better to watch videos with my computer, with that I’d limit even more my consummation of my phone.

🔄 Habits

I must reput the goal to have those habits:

  • exercise
  • read
  • copy sellpage

What theme do you prefer for my website?

  • Dark theme
  • Normal theme

0 voters

Thanks for your heed,
I wish you the best, :money_with_wings:


Keep doing bro !

This my consumption of phones.

Only musics, computing forums and other important things :wink:


Quite nice website, you should have a look at themes or css frameworks (like TailwindCSS) to make your website nicer. Anyway, keep going, you’re on the right track!


Hi bro,

:houses: Comming back to home, installing Arch and btw breaking my server, ejaculation without fapping (no girls, I’m just weird), …

🤓 Arch & co

The last week out of my house, I got a new pulsion onto going further with free software. I wanted to install Arch as soon as a I came back.

So I tried on a virtual machine, but it’s fucking hard. I’ve taken 7h to understand that I should install an additionnal package in order to get connection. But finally, I got it:

However, it’s not finished. I fail to install LARBS. I have issues with compiling paru. Anyway, if it took me like 3 days to install Pop OS so I already expect to at least spend a week on installing Arch.

When I’ll have finally got LARBS installed, I’ll have to configure it. The thing I focus now upon is the numbers shown in the uper right corner. Those will condition my identity probably. Having those numbers every time my computer is on will have a huge impact. Thereby, I’ll try to make some scripts in order to get my PAI, my steps score, my nofap score, my works hours, how I’m sticking with my habits, … displayed in the status bar.

Another nerd thing: I made my first document in groff and I used a vim macro on it. I’m now the absolute elit! (to know: vim is more elitist than arch in reality) Btw this post has been writen with Neovim.

There are two compromises that I have had with free software heretofore.

The first is dual-boot, finally I don’t use Windows anymore, the last time was to use Zoom and I won’t need it anymore (except maybe for Tugan’s lives but frankly Zoom zucks so much that it’s not even a question). The reason why I still used Windows was for VEGAS PRO 17. Except for very specific things, I think that I won’t need ever (anyway, I’m not a professionnal editor).

The second is Obsidian. Which is a proprietary software with a GUI and written with JavaScript (what a shame). (but it has vi-bindings and in addition is privacy-focused) The issue is that Joplin, its alternative, sucks a lot. Furthermore, I use a lot the extension Kanban and I don’t find any simple Kanban app free and opensource.

Proofread edit: I’ve forgot to tell the story about breaking my server: I tried to write a script to install arch easily and I put it on my server, I ran it accidentally on the server and I changed the root password for a shitty password that I couldn’t guess. Hopefully I hadn’t been hacked and I solved the issue in 30 minutes. (still a lot of fear

✔️ Tasks

Before going back to home, I tried to install gitea which I failed to install. I already said what I’ve installed Arch on a VM the rest of the time. The issue with the last task is that it was what I was doing all day. I should try to switch tasks. Now Arch is one of my day tasks and won’t take more than 1/2h up to the moment where I finish.

Here’s my new Kanban (the last file has been deleted and even if I have backups of it, it was “bloated”, I prefer my simpler one):

🚫 Nofap

I won’t go into details because it’s already fucking embarrassing without being precise. But anyway, I’ve the optimism to say that I’m probably free’d from my fap addiction. However, sex is general is still a distraction. (I don’t do any action linked with distracting myself but I can be easily distracted without that).

When I wake up or go to bed is the worst time, it’s why I should not go to bed not exhausted or wake up before my alarm.

The other thing is simply school or the street.

⏲️ Toggl stats

I tracked way more my time. I had a lot of slave time this week with the transports etc…, it won’t be better with the back to school but anyway even if school would make me lose 50 hours, I have still 50 hours that I should put into work.

We can clearly see that my M.R was totally fucked up. Now that I’m in a correct place (not in the hell of heat which is the south of France), I can do sport. I’ll try to get the habit of the M.R, it’s a base however I don’t have it yet.

🍌 Health

I’m trying to wake up way earlier, in the south, what a shame, I was struggling not to wake up after 8h. Now, when my alarm rings, I don’t go back to my bed. I even put an alarm on 6h30 Sunday. (it really pissed off my mum, thereby I’ll have to find workaround if I wanna wake up at 6h).

New streak

I’ve a lot of idle alert, it’ll try to avoid all of them. Idle alerts are alert from the watch which warn me for being not moving for a long period of time (which happened when I’ve been writing this weekreport).

The PAI screenshot will come back next week

📵 Phone consumption

It lessened a little but it’d be hard to switch to a computer when I’m eating. I’d maybe an issue that’ll be resolved if I get a laptop (I’ll have to switch to a laptop in order to move to my own basement if possible and to move to Estern Europe.

Anyway, the most important thing is to lessen the time that I spend on my phone instead of working. Which will shrink if I track well my time.

It’s something that I should lessen a lot.

🌀 Middle of year resolution

My nofap relapse and the risk of meeting with normies happen to be very near in time. Those two things lead me to have an unwillingness to be tarnished by them. I wanna be 100% sure that I won’t relapse a simple time. Last year, I knew that the normies weren’t worth my attention but I found myself knowing the name of “people” that weren’t worth knowing. (I had such an awe for my friends that didn’t know half of the class).

I should not forget that:

  1. Fredenrich lived 3y without speaking with the normies around him (hopefully now he’s with people worth-knowing only)
  2. I have DBL anyway, if I really need to “social time”, I can call DBL bros

The view I have is idealist and I hope not being one. But anyway, there are two things that I’ll make true:

  1. This year will be my last year at school, leaving school might be the better things that the world might allow me to do, thereby I’ll have to do a lot in order to deserve such a thing
  2. I won’t ejaculate in the next 30 months (until expatriation), one finds it ambitious? In reality, I might even do 10 years but I’ve time to think upon this subject

The third one because 3 is a holy figure: keep my mouth shut. I don’t talk about stoping mouth breathing (which I’ve already done, I nose-breath even when I run). I’m writing about speaking less. First of all because it’s a law of power according to the book upon the subject, but most importantly to respect our uppermost leader order. Thereby, I’ll try to stop to send Telegram messages at any moment of the day.

I should open Telegram, my mail, my RSS feeds, … only after the lunch as our uppermost leader says. And if I have a real conversation to have, I should have it on through a call with a high focus.

The three things that I’d like to improve with the focus won from weeding out those will be:

  • work, toil and re-work
  • sport & PAI
  • good habits

I should find a way to make those weekreports faster, it took me 2h15. (I might find a way, for now it’d require APIs with Toggl, Google Sheet, Mi Band, … but I hope that soon enough I’ll have most of my data in blyatiful local raw text files)

Thanks for your heed,
I wish you the best, :money_with_wings:


Hi bro,

:ok_hand: Btw I use LARBS, full green week, …

🤓 Larbs & co

I installed LARBS.

Then customized it a little bit. (yes, I really spent time in order to get the seconds displayed)

I wanna switch to Larbs for my main production machine,

I finished my groff document in groff and made a small CV in LaTex.

Good news: all this time, I’ve been using MEGA instead of Google Drive for at least one year. Well, I learned that its client is opensource and it’s a great cloud provider. I’ll switch to rsync anyway, GUI is hell, terminal forever.

For the Obsidian issue, Luke Smith uses VimWiki. I should try it. I think that I’ll find a workaround for the Kanban, even if I won’t probably ffind an alternative that uses too the mouse (for the better), I’ll probably find a way to have tasks at different stages stocked within a local text file.

I’ll have also to clean the 4 old computers of the house by switching them to Linux. And even after all that, I’ll have to sell my fix computer that I use right now and buy a laptop in order to move more easily. As well, it’ll be a Thinkpad x200, the Chads’ computer. Maybe when I’ll be outta France, I might buy 2000$ for a modern computer which has no spyware within its hardware. However, when I’m in France, I should live Sparta-likely because every cent that I use for another thing that getting more cents it’s money that I will not be able to use in order to ensure expatriation.

✔️ Tasks
Correct the paru error directly (install binary)
Get LARBS installed
Fill out Anki for the transports
Correct audio, keyboard and screen size on the VM.
Clean videos and music on my phone (youtube-dl + ffpmeg)
Weed out non-used clothes
Prepare start of school (minimal stuff)
Buy healthy food
Come back for the PC recharge
Getting BTC & XMR accounts
Start changing status bar
Try fullscreen mode with LARBS VM
Add BTC & XMR on my website donate page
Correct the XMR address with outreaching by the use of CSS
Add favicon on website
Clean up the kitchen
Buy a tailored polo
Write my 1st September manifesto with groff
Arch: fullscreen and statusbar
Write a start of pseudo-CV with LaTex
Add French communist state news upon how they steal my money
Repload Corda editing YouTube
Check my physical evolution compared to last year
Make the gn_lag meme
Reput money on upcloud (if needed before the back to school, it's exactly this day, what a funny coincidence)
Edit 2 cordas videos to reply to people upon happiness and debate

(the removal of the - [x] at the beginning of the lines has been brought to you by the power of vim keybindings, for the one that understand it, I used the keys ggVG:norm 06x)

I’ve done a lot of things but I’ve had tasks about everything and anything, in addition none of those tasks gave me money.

So even though this week is clearly an improvement on the time spent working, I don’t work enough and I don’t work upon the right things. I should have a job in real life for the weekends and the holidays, plus work aside.

⏲️ Toggl stats

I worked 8h more but I had only 5h lost unwillingly compared with 19h the last week.

I lost 5h less hours.

I spent 4h more learning.

This time I did sport within the morning, except the Monday.

I added a new “project” (category of time), it’s “assistant work”. In a meaning it’s good since it’s productive time, in a meaning it’s bad since it’s wasting time on tasks that should have been given to the assistant and in another meaning it’s good since it’s tasks that shows a high level of maturity. (I’m not sure about this wording)

🍌 Health

Waking up earlier :ok_hand:
Going to bed later :sweat_smile:
My deep sleep medium seems to have really dicreases, however even if I can be tired some mornings, except Saturday, it has never been serious I think.

Blyatiful, it’s very hard to maintain (and often I walk pretty late which is stupid) but after 11d, it’d feel really like a pain to stop.

It’s really the thing I shall work upon this week. Go to bed earlier and run 30 minutes the morning (not only the minimum).

📵 Phone consumption

The time consumed will not be the more important since the only thing that matter is that I’m not distracted from working (which is not the case, I listen to videos only when I do another thing).

For now I’m consuming a lot of content from Luke Smith and Mental Outlaw but soon enough I’ll switch to something else.

But instead of “benwatching” videos, I’ll try to get something cleaner. First of all, I’m listening to the RX quite often but not enough. I must learn German, but Anki is not enough, thereby I’ll have to watch videos in German in order to really improve. (it’ll be very harsh but “no pain, no gain”).

Something that Luke Smith was doing when he had not internet was that he downloaded whole YouTube channels. It’s the best thing that I might ever do. At well, downloading a bunch of small videos is not amazing for the focus. The true best is to download videos that requires a huuuuuuge attention span.

There are a lot of playlist that I’d like to download. It might require some energy to start out but being free’d from all the noise that come with the choice in the search bar (I’m not even talking about recommendations or ads*…)

*this said, in reality without ads I wouldn’t be here but except this exception that keeps the rule true, 80% of ads are mediocer, even if Google knows me enough to know I’m from a superior (it’s at the end of my pseudio “#DBL”)

One of the best thing I’ve ever done is to download to audiobooks. However it should not compensate the fact of reading “true” books.

🌀 Middle of year resolution

It starts Wednesday: not a single ejaculation, no more chatting, no more entertainment.

The first looks less hard than before but not having any relapses in 30 months would be very hard.

The third one is so easy that I often forget it, truth be told I’ve despised entertainment almost all my life. Even though I have consumed some of it, I’ve felt nothing but contempt for actively losing one’s time.

The second one is, strangely or not, the hardest.

I’m finishing this post at 9:30pm, it’s way too late I should do something.

Thanks for your heed,
I wish you the best, :money_with_wings:


Well done :clap:

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Hi bro,

Wet dream, sleeping on the floor in order to wake up earlier, …

🤓 Larbs & co

I’m cleaning my disk in order to back it up and then installing Arch Linux on my main machine.

Even if I haven’t used vim that much this week, I’m starting to have the habit too often. I started this post in the website but I switched to neovim.

I tried to quit Python like Vim by reflex

✔️ Tasks
Leaving France manifest
Arch: finish tutorials
Updade the website to add "to do: self-hosted newsletter"
Get money back
Clean up my old videos folder
Extract cash from my bank account
Clean up old images folder
Clean up MEGA
Disassemble and re-assemble my fairphone
Buy food
Shrink to at maximum 15gb the video folder
Clean up the folder ~/Documents/further

I’ve mostly cleaned my disk.

The two things I’m working upon:

  • installing Arch
  • use my server for more things

Once these two things don’t take most of my time, I’ll have to make some money. I’ll have to find a “real-life job”, a freelance activity and as well I’ll build upon long-term things (SEO of my website, building a LBRY/YouTube channel, …). There is another thing, I’ll write upon that later.

⏲️ Toggl stats

Again more time tracked :ok_hand:

Assistant work (cooking, buying food, …) is no longer in further but has now its own category.

I spent less time on copying webpages and reading but I worked more.

After Thursday, when I’m coding I’m coding a script in order to clean my hard disk and when I’m editing I’m cleaning the source of a video. (it was 10GB for the corda little dark age editing)

🍌 Health

It’s worse for now but the idea is that it should be better after the hard beginning (of sleeping on the floor).

I fucked up a streak because I was chatting with a bro, wtf. I’ll have to really control my use of Telegram.

It’s cool to have 50 PAI but it’s not enough. I know that this week, I’ve done only the minimum. My real goal is 30m by day and 100 PAI.

📵 Phone consumption

I have unbuilt and rebuilt my phone (fairphone) and it seems that it rebooted the “screen timer”.

Anyway, I found myself sometimes in the transports or eating without “needing” to have audio stimulation, it’s a good sign.

🌀 Middle of year resolution

I had a wet dream. It’s not a true relapse but it means that my spirit is distracted.

On the autism, it’s hard. There are some people in my class that I already know, however most of people I don’t and my goal would be that I continue to ignore them. Hopefully, the guy in my classroom which with I’m the closer with also wanna to avoid chatting this year. The true issue will be with the time that I spend to eat, up to 3h, it’s the moment where avoiding social time is the hardest because I might find my friends of the last year. The other difficulty is to eat healthy while I can’t go back to home. Either I should find “healthy” food or I should have to take my own food but without a plastic pocket (for the hormones troubles that plastics create).

I avoid pretty much thinking about politics. A guy sent me a message about politics I directly tell him that I don’t care.

🔄 Habits

Even if I don’t miss any days, there are two issues:

  • I often finish late
  • I do the strict minimum

It’s why I’ll start to copy a sellpage very early even though normally I do it as a night ritual.

I should make Anki and read in the transports. Within the weekend (in this context it’s not a forbidden word), I should read 30 minutes a day. I should copy within 30 minutes sell-pages because in 5 minutes it’s not enough time to really focus.

On the work, the issue is that I’ve built a “consume-free” paradigm with some survivalist/autonomist channels and Luke Smith. Thereby I don’t like most of businesses: dropshipping, infoproduct (books are better), selling software, …

But even Luke Smith has a website where he sells books.

And when I was copying a sellpage late in the night I thought “Fuck this screen, I would like to have some papers”. Though as you probably know, if I’d print all my sellpages with a normal printer, it’d cost a house since printers are scammers. Moreover, these papers would be messy.

However, there is something that by pages is not expensive to print. why am I making a suspence it’s obsvious? a fucking book.

As well, I won’t copy-paste and sell the book x6 its price. I’ll make a blyatiful formatting in LaTex and maybe even add some value with commentaries or infos. (how many sales revenue, how many profits, what traffic, what year, …)

So I’d like to know if some of you would buy a book with the hidden sellpages that made the more money?

  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks for your heed,
I wish you the best, :money_with_wings:


Hi bro,

:potable_water: Drinking more water, LARBS fast installation, back to school, …

🤓 Larbs & co

I’ve reinstalled LARBS while recording in order to make a tutorial and I’ll use it to reinstall LARBS another time.

I had to do it 5 times. It took me hours. But now I’ve a tutorial like 7m long for installing Arch + LARBS.

The only issue is that my voice really sucks, it’s for videos it’s strange. It’s like I’m stressed even though I don’t feel like it. (there is maybe the tiredness of the repetition the 3rd time)

Anyway, I’d like to add an article on my website that would e an equivalent of my video since this video is just commands and commands are easier to copy from an article.

✔️ Tasks
Prepare school
Add tasks that I've noted  "TODO" in my notebook
Buy food
Upgrade firmware of Ipad & Numworks
Sign the thing in Physical-Chemistry
Back up config & bookmarks VM
Back up my files
Re-install LARBS on VM tutorial ffmpeg
History homeslavery
Buy some food

I haven’t been that much productive this week. Actually it’s my number one goal to heighten my productivity.

⏲️ Toggl stats

It’s pretty harsh to week describe 35 hours of school but “Ortega mindset”: if I’ve 35 hours lost at school, it means that my mission is to work 75 hours.

Moreover, school isn’t totally useless time Actually I’ve Ipads at my school. With them I can make some researches since the Ipads have an access to a week browser. I’ve used this for a good propose. In IT, I can use the SSH module to Windows in order to access a server with a true OS (Linux).

🍌 Health

I’ve strangely slept better but I’ve to go to bed earlier. The discipline group will help with that since the call will finish earlier.

My streak is coming back! Even thouhg sometimes I go a little to far in order to keep it: Sunday I walked unti lmidnight but my parents were asleep and the doer had been (I had to ring and wake them up :man_facepalming:)

I almost did 100 but finally not. Anyway, I’ve already broken my best score I think.

🌀 Middle of year resolution

Nothing to notice for sex even the fact that my eyes are distracted by girls. If I can write it this way.

The school said that this year would dress like under-whores this year but finally girls in crop-top and will probably be under 20°C in winter.

I’ll have to deal with it.

I’m not enugh serious with autism; It’s the hardest but it’ll bring the mom rewards. The issue is that school kinda forces us with their “group work”.

I’m eating alone. In the breaks, it’s the hardest: I should be ready but it’s a double challenge → not to chat and to read.

Thanks for your attention,
I wish you the best, :flight_departure:

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