Charlie H - 38yo - 10+ years expat in Shanghai - Trader

Hi guys, this is Charlie, I’m 38 (single, no kids), French national, grew up in Paris suburbs (Boulogne-Billancourt). Bachelor in International Business Development. Martial Arts: MMA and Qwan Ki Do (competing at national level at age 18), gun shooting (triple Champion of Paris 98 in 10m and 25m pistol, Vice-Champ district 50m pistol, 33rd at French nationals 98). Recently back in Paris after 13 years of expatriation in China, living in the great Shanghai from 2004 to 2017.

Currently: Self-employed Marketing Consultant, Profitable trader (Crypto swing and intraday trading), Personal fitness trainer and occasional Asian art dealer. (bilingual French - English, also speaks Chinese and Spanish)

I was quite horrified with what I’ve found coming back to Paris after all those years spent abroad, and then finally I got very happy to recently discover JM’s initiative. As you saw, I’ve once already been trying to run away by myself from what France (and my suburb) has to offer to the young person I was and I wish that I will be able to hopefully help the young wolves I find in this community, by sharing my experience and providing advises to those who want it :slight_smile:

For the future, my plans are to move asap to Miami to crash at an old friend’s place, a guy from there I know from my years spent in Shanghai. He’s starting an online clothing brand, and I have one to launch too aimed at the Chinese market, in addition to the other things I’m also currently doing.

Nice to meet you all, guys !!! Let’s dominate !!!

My personal intro could be done here, and there are some guidance lines about it in this community, but for those who are interested enough and want to learn more, here’s the follow up:

I have had a hell of an experience living a decade in China, learning English among a lot of other foreigners and friendly extrovert Chinese. Living a life that some people (older than me obviously) would describe as what was life in occident during the 70s, when respect was still trending here. There is barely no incivility in daily life in China, and even less criminality, so in this peaceful environment where the only religion is work and money, I was finally able to blossom properly.

Alike JM, during my expatriation in China, I have had myself numerous different experiences including very surprising, exotic, and exciting, crazy and dangerous jobs and I would be happy to describe them, also I have had terrible experiences too, including how I discovered BTC, the reason I had to leave China and also how I’ve stumbled upon a book about intraday trading that kinda saved my life in a library in the least expected place there could have been such book. Well, if you wanna know more, i’ll be posting it as a reply to this first intro if you guys ask for it :wink:

Keep tuned !!!


You are selling dreams with your experience!! Welcome here!

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Hi Charlie,


Always very eager to learn about China. Hope to read you soon!

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Welcome in the community Charlie !

Would love to know the name of the intraday trading book and where you discover it !

Also would love to listen from your experience and how you discover Bitcoin and all your fantastic adventure in China and abroad, your life seem interesting and atypics !

Good end of day to you bro