Charles | 23yo | Ponzi Marketing

My situation

I have just arrived in Estonia and cut ties with my past. I said goodbye to my family, my friends and my girlfriend. After a shitty youth, I make a new start.

I am absolutely alone now. I have enough to stay 4 months in Estonia and I have no business or job at the moment.

What did I do before today ?

A little study, a little interim, a little reservist in the Army, a little writing, a little marketing… But nothing really worth talking about.

Goals :

  1. Have a healthy and balanced life (running business, a radiant woman, combat sport, reading)
  2. Become rich to resolve my complexes (> 5k net / month sustainably)
  3. Build a sanctuary on top of a mountain in the countryside (with the possibility of welcoming visitors)

Why am I here ?

Meet people, fraternize, share projects.

What is Ponzi Marketing ?

The sale of training on the internet, national education and the international banking system. But it’s cool (actually, it’s also PM of Tugan).

Au plaisir.



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