Cedric, 48 years old, CBD resseller

Cédric, 48 years old. lots of little jobs in y life, 6 years in a tibetan bouddhism center in Dordogne.

Still in Périgord i’m just beginning to sell CBD around me, in a rural area. No shop, just me and my prospects = more money.

I am not married but in couple. My wife is 50/50 english and tchèque. We have a little girl, 9 months old.

I am here because, i need to join a community with values, and a veritable possibility to support each others.

My onjectives:

1/ Develop myself again and again, and ag… 2/ More buziness and make monney 3/ we are talking about expatriation, not sure for the destination et we have to be ready…

See you guys


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