Carcajou_G4, 34, food worker, Canada

I am 34 years old, i m working in food industry, in Montréal. I have been working in the food industry for several years, in pastry making, restaurant management… In short, I arrived in Canada a few months ago, visa facilities and an urgent need to leave the Democratic Republic of France quickly enough pushed me to return to Canada…

Before I went into the restaurant business, I studied Literature, History, it’s still a passion. I worked as first aid worker, I used to practice sports, boxing, shooting…

I have come here to share with people who have a clear view of the current situation. Can be found here. I hope to be useful too.

In the short term make some money, improve my English, set up a viable project. In the long term, to expatriate myself to an eastern country, to set up my company, to promote the few Russian lessons I took at university … More seriously, Canada is not for me, the mentality doesn’t suit me, the atmosphere and the relationships between people… so move east. But I have time, there are not too many Apaches and there are jobs

Thanks for reading me


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