Business in Africa

Hello guys,

I’m very curious about business in Africa and I would like to visit places that no one visit.

Does someone live over there ? Any country might be interesting. I would like to learn more about emerging countries over there.

Any informations sharing through a call, email or vocal message might be useful.

If you live in Cotonou don’t contact me. (If you get the joke)

See ya :v:


Idk, I also want to know.

How to do business with no infrastructures in-situ and the lowest QI in the World ? You bring your own shits, and exploit, colonial style. China do it well in Africa, thanks to their social structure.

Or, you go there, build stricts schools, raise elites individuals and make them exploit the ressources xor population for you. (Risky but very $$$$)

Interesting topic ! I also think that Africa as a good potential. See you…

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Hi Olivier,

I recently talk with an African from Congo. He said the new president is invested for the country and the population. Maybe some new markets can be created with this country. The Congo is know for minerals excavations like cobalt or silver. Some Africanners from Congo are now interested to go back in Congo he said. I continue to saw a lot of Africans in France :frowning:

He said to me also Angola is a country in strong development.

Have a good day.


Hi Olivier

I’m in Algeria. Contact me I’ll tell you how I see the situation here, from my point of view.

I can tell you right now that it is not emergent. It’s the opposite. The economy is going straight to ruin (like a drop in purchasing power, the basic necessities of life (food, etc) are becoming more and more expensive and many people are struggling to get them)…

After I don’t know in which field you want to invest, nor what is your investment philosophy, if you follow Rockefeller’s “The way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets”, it could be worth the risks lol

There is also a political problem (the most important one for me). Here the laws can change very quickly (like 6 months)

You can for example start your business, start production, everything is ok. And when it’s time to sell Boom. Change of law. Your goods are stuck in the port. Or you are not allowed to import “finished products”

and so on.