Brothers in Bordeaux?

Greetings fellow DBL brothers !

Let’s get right to the point : I’m a fresh new 21 years old DBL member and i’m currently slowly but steadily upgrading myself to the DBL standard. In the long term i aim to expatriate myself to Eastern Europe, but for now I live here in Bordeaux. I think i would benefit from meeting some of the bros at Bordeaux and maybe do sport together, share tips, advices and valorize discipline. So if you live in Bordeaux and you’d like to do these kind of activities with me or other bros, please manifest yourself :fleur_de_lis:

Yours kindly Maxime RICART


Hi Maxime,

I live in Bordeaux and our fellow fighting brother @Alois-G3 will join me for a week in about ten days. Let’s meetup before we leave France.

Send me a message on Telegram: enguerrandmasse

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Hi Enguerrand,

I send you a message