Biomimetism and tribe

Charles Dereeper start a comparison between a arborical technical of densified forest creation and human developement in tribe.

It’s the same strategy that JM show us in DBl.

The video is 11 minutes and use French language.

Take pleasure and have fun. Bye.

6 J'aimes

A very interesting video like pretty much every video Charles does.

The key here is to find a good balance between people whit different skills and are successful.

Maybe we could try to create mastermind group like that by taking one person from every barrack ? Or taking one elite member (tramp group leader’s) from different field of expertise ?

This could be useful for them.

Yes maybe to a near future.

The sure thing isn’t a good idea to stay alone in the real life.

We are social animals.

But you should make a good storing with your relations ship to be successful.