Binance hack wtf?


Is FTX the exchange to migrate to?

I had a mishap on Binance. it is preferable to split your purchases on Binance rather than lose everything.

I bought BNB with 4000 euros on Binance exchange.

Then, I invest 20 BNB in Defi Stacking but later, my balance of 8.486 BNB disappeared during a transaction to buy the MATIC token.

I don’t have an explanation, it is perhaps due to a problem of memory of the server, the operation was not finalized and my BNB disappeared. I was not credited in MATIC either.

I have not received a serious response from the support. The support does not seem to be up to the task, unfortunately, if you have a serious contact at Binance, please let me know.

I can’t even imagine the consequences if I had invested a large amount of money. So please be wary of Binance, it is convenient and unprofessional.

According to “Lejournalducoin” FTX would be more professional.



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Hi, I thought I lost € 400 on binance at one point, but found it on my isolated margin accounts. What is on isolated margin accounts does not show up in the wallet overview (probably a bug). Try to click on “overview” -> “isolated margin”. Maybe it’s just a display bug.

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Binance since one week is very buggy ! The PNL board with the repartition percentages is not right at all if you compare with the separate solds for each cryptos for instance. The trades history is not directly up to date after a trade (yesterday i have done 3 times the signal to buy ETH because i thought it wasn’t executed…) Very painful if you add the fact that currently the state of the signals is not super clean : 19 + 17 + 47 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 6 + 2 = 98, not 100…

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I experienced quite the same, Mat.

Yesterday I bought twice ETH, for the same reason than you. Since few days, Binance is slow. There is a delay between the trade and the input of the trade in the history board.

I agree : the percentage are not exactly right on the PNL page (when it opens correctly). I calculate them one by one every day, from the “Compte Principal” page.

I hope Binance will quickly correct those things, they seem professional, I’m sure they’re working on it.

About the Satoshi Signal I don’t mind the slight gap, it gives me space for creativity or oportunity. :smiley:


hello, It’s been several days since Binance erased 8,486 BNB. Small improvement, the balance in BNB is no longer zero, but this amount is still missing. The MATICs are still not credited. I find that it takes a very long time to make an operation. I will wait, what else can I do?

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I managed to get my BNB back, the problem was the auto staking on Binance. I put it on pancakebunny at over 300% per year.

If you make a subscription for buy or sell signals, you should show the old history of your positions, that would allow to compare your working methods.

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