BILL_G4 – 30 years old – Industrial designer

Hi guys,

I moved few months ago near to the North of Lyon.

My hypersensitivity had always bothered me a lot until today. I had never blossomed in my work, in social life and with ladies. From birth to 31, I still feel like I’m half dead inside, despite the experiences I had. I get very quickly tired. I need to find ways to gain energy and enthusiasm.

I follow Jean-Ma’ for years now and he still teaches me a lot. I love the politically incorrect, his straight-talk but always with goodwill behind. And the mentality of discipline, merit hierarchy, no complaining, upgrading, …

Thanks JM :wink:

As I am now, DBL is partly too elitist for me and I don’t want to go for marketing.

I know the community is powerful and a required step. I would like to prepare myself for that one day.

My priority is to be more and more healthier, become a better person, improve myself, find body-hacks, continue Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, develop skills like English and Russian, and have some exchanges on the forum.

Perhaps, one day, I was thinking about having holidays with guys from DBL, in order to discover eastern countries, practice BJJ & MMA, go to shooting ranges with AK-47 rifles, saunas and ice-bathes, eat out, … It sounds cool !