Bil, 42, Sound engineer, Maried with children

Hello everyone, glad to join !

I stumbled upon this forum while looking for advice regarding courses on digital marketing and business topics.

I aim at establishing new streams of income thru internet marketing. My final goal is to buy a farm for my familly on the countryside in Poland or in Czech Republic. Of course, this is also motivated by the desire to exit my actual country, France.

I have a 10k bag I want to invest correctly in order to achieve my goal. This is not much, but I trust i can make it.

Thanks !


Hi Bil,

We share the same final goal. How many children do you have?

I’m sure you can make it, you just have to play your cards right.

Welcome to the cult.

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Hi Matthieu, thank you for your kind and motivating answer.

I have one 8 years old boy and a baby to come.

Regarding the right cards having to be played at disposal, I’m actually following “R-X” by Bugan Baranovski and reading a lot of books. I’m also folowing a web development course, while making some music in my recording studio. I’m hesitating between “profits mimétiques” and “copy insider” as a path to follow. I’m a good writer but I want to optimize fast.

But I’m rambling here !

Do you plan to exit to Poland or Czech Republic too, or the similarities of our goals extend to a more general idea (just fleeing the EuroGoulag :wink:). ? Do you have children too ?

Thank you again for your words, but I wonder, are you an admin here? Are G_1 admins of the forum ?

Anyway, have a great day mister !


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Congrats on the second gremlin! I’m happy for you.

If I may, you seem to have a lot of hustles, do you find time for each of these? I don’t know you or your capacity to manage your time but here’s my two cents: you might want to concentrate on one or two activities (the ones with the highest potential or highest return on your time) to build your financial situation up and then you’ll have time for the rest.

I do plan to leave the country I am currently in. Czech Republic is a candidate on my list. I would love to discover these countries but with the Chinese flu restrictions, it’s complicated…In any case, yes, I plan to move and would like to set up a BAD, farm animals and produce my own food while taking care of my little clan: I have a daughter and don’t plan to stop there.

I am not an admin here: the GX refers to the generation one belongs to. I am generation 1 (G1) and very happy with the community. I would advise anyone who aims to improve himself and gain freedom to get on the waiting list to incorporate the DBL community ASAP.

Have a great day as well Bil :ok_hand:t2:

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Leaning towards autonomy definitely is a smart move and I wish you the best following this project ! I clearly envision the same outcome.

Yes I am kind of an extremist when it comes to priorities and organisation, so i don’t have issues with procrastination or excessive amount of unfocused or useless activities.

In fact, all my activities are elements of the project, with more or less importance, that goes without saying.

I have the opportunity to use all the weekly time I need from now to July. I made a few crypto smart moves and accumulates enought to avoid slave-work till summer. Of course the prior focus is on building business and starting accumulating money, since this is the absolute center of everything that deserve to be erected by our strong hands in this world !

That is why I concentrate on learning and experimentation.

The DBL community seems very nice. I’ve known J-M Corda since he was a street performer and have followed his works since then. But i’m not sure I can really benefit from a paid account, plus I already “belong” to a few communities. But I’ll do a bit o research and keep an open mind on considering the opportunity of joining the tribe.

Thanks again for your answers Matthieu, keep the good spirit !

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