Big profit. Need advice

Hi everyone,

I have just realised a big profit trading NFTs (crypto) I’d like to have some advices basically about what to do with this money. Hodl ? Sell a part ? Completly rebalancing my wallets ? others ?

Thank you.


What are your short, medium and long term goals?

It will be easier for us to answer you if we have this information. :wink:


best advice I could tell you with the information you tells us is : learn to manage your money according to your goals ^^

Money is lost by people not knowing how to manage it, so … learn this skill. And we can’t give you that much informations about what path you should start exploring because we don’t know your goals.


If you have more than 1K $, I advice you to split your money in multiple crypto-currencies, minimum 4 differents. If you don’t know wich crypto, maybe you should join the satoshi channel.

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Sorry I have been so busy this past days. The asset is WAX or WAXP depending on the exchange. I don’t have a short or long term vision I just have a bull run vision if you know what I mean.

Is it anyone hodling WAX ? im a bit worried with the T.A I feel like if its the only coin dumping. However on a weekly basis I feel ultra bullish.

Any predictions, or news that I would have missed ?

Thanks bros

(I own something like 100x + on this asset than the amount I’m usually investing.)

@Kapkan-G1 I already own around 80 altcoins


I you know you will regret the dump if it dumps, rebalance your portfolio.

Only my opinion, but you should be more selective on your alts, 80 is too much.

I’m not an expert about WAXP but if it pumps, it have enough space to pump at an average maximum of x5 from here (in the current market conditions), warning It’s the best scenario for me not the average.

Ok you aren’t a noob :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
My advices are useless and you seems to know more than me about crypto.

I wish you the best, keep us informed about your profit :slightly_smiling_face: