Batista_G3 - 33 - Real estate

Hello everyone,

Baptiste 33 years old, i have worked on many different field like medical secretary, salesman, accountant, real estate manager… As you can tell, it was a lot of food work as a salary man.

But today i invest and work on real estate for myself with a modest but still good success. I also invest on crypto since last year and start business online.

I join DBL in order to be part of a community whit a similar way of thinking. Life have also show me so many time that alone we are doomed to fail and/or be a perpetual prey for the one who hunt in pack.

My short-term goal are to work more efficiency, keep learning marketing and online business, and fly away as soon as possible.

My long-term goals are to grow bigger, improve my overall lifestyle, create a strong relationship with some brothers, building a family and hopefully being able to help the community.

I with great success for every brothers !

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Welcome Batista :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Batista.

Nice experience.


The Animal :muscle:

Thanks for your welcome.

@Fabien_G3 Your achievement in real estate is realy impressive. :+1:


Lot of work, lot of tenacity. :muscle: