Bastien-G5 / 23 / sports coach and nutrition advisor / join Bulgaria

Hello gentlemen,

Firstly, sorry for the poor English translation, I have just entered DBL and will train as quickly as possible, I still wanted to introduce myself so I hope that this is understandable.

My name is Bastien, single, I have just turned 23 and I am a sports coach and nutrition consultant specialized in weight loss.

In search of independence I have been running my private home coaching business for over a year now, no need more time to realize that I will never be able to make a big income even in the long term and be free while staying in France.

I became aware of the power of the internet and infoprenariat in my theme when I saw coaches in my opinion my point that me on the theoretical level to bring in money! (therefore better)

I then quickly decided to ditch my physical business and get started by starting with the underground marketing bible and Tugan’s RX and training on productivity, mailing and starting on YouTube.

I discovered JM in the Tugan RX.

I started to follow him watching his papicito “clash” videos and all the clique that resonated with me.

He puts words on what I thought, especially the fact that these people do not give any solution and that these debates are useless.

France has been annoying me (for a long time) and nothing is holding me back!

Currently, I am implementing my business model :

1 video per day on YouTube in my theme with a CTA at the end of the video for my Optin containing an E-book on weight loss (with my method and the values ​​that I practice) and a 7-day video challenge (3 to summarize the Ebook in podcast format and the 4 remaining in a sports session) in an email sequence leading to my sales funnel to offer a free strategic interview in my Calendly and end up sending them my order form.

Short-term objectives : Learn English and put this business model in place (a good deal and already done)

Medium-term objectives : Expatriate to Bulgaria and invest myself fully in DBL, so as to be able to bring value through my expertise!

Long-term objectives : Sell several training courses in the field of sport / health, become the best online sports coach, train a team of sports coaches and why not create a food supplement game.

Happy to see that there are many people in my theme eager to get to know each other and why not work together!

Glad to be part of DBL, thank you for taking the time to read me and see you soon.

With respect,



What do we mean … ? It’s hard to understand

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