Balrogan_G4, 36 years old, Inspector of public finances - military reservist

Good evening,

I am in public finance as an inspector and at the same time reserve sergeant in the army, single, without children. I have previous experience in commerce and I have a good experience in agriculture through the family farm. I am also involved in the sports associations, referee at the FFTIR, staff representative. Suffice to say that I do not have the typical profile of a leftist civil servant, but it is very interesting to have entries in as many institutional structures as possible in order to have information at the source.

My material situation is rather comfortable, salary sufficient for me, I am more than enough given the little that I need to live, of the real estate assets ; several investments under study for furnished and empty rentals while providing maximum tax exemption. I have the right trade for that.

I live in New Aquitaine, a professional home in a corner of the countryside near the Indre and my property in another corner of the countryside near the Périgord. Two preserved corners of France, without delinquents, without an Islamo leftist traitor. A region of France worthy of the 70s / 80s, with local network, understanding, everything you need to keep the ground and resist a good while.

So many elements that mean that I am not in a logic of expatriation immediately. The risk-benefit balance is largely in my favor.

I joined the DBL community following an interview between JM CORDA and Piero San Giorgio at the end of February. Basically I am much more in the line of Piero, survivalist for years, autonomous, etc. However, I remain lucid, even though my situation is rather privileged, I want to prepare a foothold in the eastern countries, Poland where I am from or Russia. And JM CORDA’s answer to the question I asked via Piero’s patreon pleased me. Especially on the fact that the France / Eastern Europe alternation quickly shows how inept France is, I already had this feeling when I came back from Serbia.

My short-term goals are to stabilize my financial assets by attacking crypto currencies. So I subscribed to the satoshi channel and I want to gain expertise on this subject.

In the medium term, as indicated above, I aim to acquire real estate assets in the East, an ADB and in parallel with rental investment.

Sorry for my english, it’s google translate



Welcome Sergeant

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Welcome here! Nice reflexion!

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Welcome !


Welcome Sergeant, I hope you’ll find what you are looking for here.


Welcome here, Good to see that some inspectors of public finances are lucid. Many people working in public services are good professionals and just want to make our civilisation work. But leaders and government want to drive us through the wall, supported by idealistic utopian leftists fools. I just watched the new video of Jean-Marie : CORDA : qui viole les Parisiennes ? This is insane. In the countryside we are not at this level. But how long?

I also was totally new to crypto and I started crypto just à month ago and I am learning quickly. This is a very interesting domain. However taxes on crypto seem to be a nightmare in France. Satoshi Channel is a safe and hassle-free way to trade crypto. You can also go further and higher, but with more work.


Welcome to the real army of soldiers of the new era…

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