[BALI] Co-living DBL member

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

The goal of this post is to find people who are planning to go to Bali, Indonesia in 2021.

I am looking at whether it would be possible to get DBL members & entrepreneurs together to rent a beautiful villa and share the costs. A collocation / co-living between members who wish to develop their projects and live in Bali for a few months.

If my plan goes as I imagine it would I would like to leave during Oct / Nov.

Looking forward to discussing it.


Come on young, I’m going back to the subject a bit.

  • If you are planning to go to Bali sometime in Sept / Oct and are into business and development.
  • Or that you know someone who might be interested in this idea
  • Or that you have an idea to facilitate the implementation of this project

Switch to MP: slight_smile:

It would still be cool to make this idea a reality. Imagine the fun!


Things are starting to materialize.

I have gathered 3 people for the moment. I have about 30 villas in my favorites which match our criteria:

  • Swimming pool
  • Separate room
  • Wireless
  • Coworking space
  • Calm but not too far away from animation
  • Fantastic !

Do others want to be part of it?


Things are becoming clearer on my side, I will be in Bali in November. We could therefore imagine this project during this month.


Hello :slight_smile: I made a big form to have a very very precise report for this project on Bali. I’ll let you fill it out (very seriously) when you have 10 minutes!



They are managing the crisis rather badly, but the project is still relevant. Although Bali is currently closed.

By the way, I found lots of wild islands in Indonesia, it sounds super interesting.

Right now, while waiting for the opening I also want to take a motorcycle trip to Iceland or even rent an airbnb to leave the screens and be fully in nature for a few days.


It looks like Bali will reopen in November. In any case, it is a possibility.

Always there for the adventure?

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I am really interested by bali. It will probably be my destination. I already ordered a macbook pro to be able to work in remote on my projects (I will give my gaming PC to my mother tomorrow).

But I will not be able to move there before maybe six month for some reasons. But Bali look like a beautifull place to work in remote and develop a business.

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Bali will open in the next few weeks. I think it would be interesting to let things evolve and to plan a departure for January 2022, just to start the year with a big change of life.

You are ready ?

ps: Right now I’m looking for the next few months iceland and finland for 4x4 trips.


Is it difficult to settle there for the long term? It seems complicated for Visas. I started to watch, but unless I’m retired, I feel like you have to spend your time doing paperwork.

Are there any who know if there is a way to settle there in the medium / long term? Without having to leave / re-enter the country or by doing administrative procedures? (I am allergic to paperwork).

Hi Romgal, I’ll come the 15 december in Bali for 6 months.

I haven’t got Villa yet. I wish do a collocation with DBL member if is possible :kissing_smiling_eyes:

You are in Bali actually ?