Back-end Quick Solution?

Hello guys,

As a front-end web developer, I’m looking for an easy backend solution, like BaaS (backend as a service) other than GAFAM solutions (Firebase, or AWS for instance), or an easiest way to develop my own API than coding in Node.js or Java.

Let me explain why :

First, I developed my own portfolio online with React.js + firebase, but right now because Google (Firebase) saw that my data are not “safe”, they blocked everything until I choose some options and send them informations…

Second, I won’t like to be dependant on GAFAM quickest solutions to develop Front-End web app with backend, as well as any other members here in DBL I guess.

Do you have ideas about an “easy no GAFAM backend solution” which can interact with React.js, or an easy backend framework where I can create my own API ?

Thank you in advance :wink:



Contenful is pretty nice.

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Thank you, I’ll see it in details.

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Search for headless backend, headless framework or headless backoffice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Take a look into the technologies using GraphQL : Apollo for instance. I also tried StrAPI which is good too. You can try Parse Server also

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