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hi guys, i try to build my first page on frog, and i don’t know how to send a automatic mail when the sale is confirmed and to receive informations about the sale and the customer (i use activecampaign).

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Okay, so first you have to link ActiveCampaign to Frog in the ‹ integration › tab.

Now, create a list on ActiveCampaign that refers to your product. Say, ‹ Client product X ›

Create a new automation that triggers when the lead subscribes to this very list. You can also write a welcome email right after the lead joins so that he knows the order was successful.

Back to Frog.

Check the form where the lead had to leave their email address and their payment details. Have a look at the settings, you’ll see there’s a new cell: ActiveCampaign. Click on it to activate it and select the list you’ve created earlier. This way, anyone who leaves their email on the form will automatically be added to this list. And you’ll know about it.


thank you very much for your answer. Is there a way to link stripe to activcampaign so that the email is sent only after the payment is validated by stripe?

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I assume you can do it through Zapier :slightly_smiling_face:

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