Astrid, 31, singer, translator, personal trainer & affiliate marketer

Hello everyone, I don’t know if there are many women here but I’ll introduce myself anyway :slight_smile:

My name is Astrid, 31 years old. I am a professional singer, translator and personal trainer.

My objectives:

  • to expatriate to Malta or Bulgaria as soon as possible, I think it is a matter of urgency to leave France.
  • to be financially free

I have completed a course on affiliation and I also have Tugan’s program, so the tools are there. Just starting out and I know that joining this community will tremendously help me to achieve my goals.

I’d be happy to collaborate and/or exchange with any members that have similar interests and goals as me.

PS: I must add: if anyone is interested in meeting up in the future like JM said so that we can do some activities together or even that our children play together I think it would be amazing.


Hi, i’m happy to see another musician here ! Why not work together one time, i’ll like to listen what you sing. Welcome here

Sure, why not work together at some point. Do you sing too? Or just play the guitar? My song are available to listen on YouTube: Astrid - Best Night Of My Life & Chin Up. Do you have your own songs too?

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Hey @Astrid_G4 welcome to DBL ! I just listened to your two songs out of curiosity I must say it’s really good. :+1: I wish you all the best for the future.

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Welcome Astrid :slight_smile:

What course do you follow on affiliation ? I am curious

I hope you will meet success in you business project !

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Nice voice ! I’ve recorded a “gypsy jazz” homemade album with another guitarist in october 2019 in order to sell it in the street (it’s a very good way to make cash, really !). Here is the album :

Bonus track with a singer :

For the story of this song, a friend came to visit me during the period of the recording of the album. I began to improvise some chords and she sang over it. I asked : “Is it one of your text ?” She replied : “Yes, why ?” Because i will record us right now ! So i put my stuff on and we have recorded this song in 5min, she don’t even known what voice melody she will sing and over what chords, we improvise all except the text ! I’ve just send it to a saxophonist friend for add some little solos and it was done !

Welcome to this Honest Son of Bitch. Thanks to Tugan

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it’s nice, really. Beautiful voice and beautiful instrumentals.

Thanks Stacy. The course is called « Affiliation PRO » from Pierre Xavier and this is the program I sell through their platform: