Aslino's Diary - Working for freedom

New Diary Entry - 2021/07/29, 30 & 31

07/29 : A not very productive day.

Thursday wasn’t a very productive day.

Once again, I’ve been mainly concerned about buying dips on the Checoin. I won a lot of money with it, but I’m going to talk about it later.

I took care of one order.

07/30 : A… not productive day at all.

Yesterday, I’ve been completely focused on our favorite memecoin. I’ll tell you why.

In fact, since the very beginning, I won OVER 50 TIMES my initial input.

It started with only less than 30€… Now I have 4 digits on my folio and around 1500$ of CHECOIN as we speak.

It’s been a real obsession those past days and I’ve got HUGE difficulties to stay focused properly. I’m working way less than before.

While winning money with crypto-currencies is a good thing, I must at least work a bit every day if I want to expatriate properly.

That day, I also received a rather very urgent order from Jeanma for Checoin Telegram Stickers.

And from now on, you’ll see that I made a LOT of mistakes.

07/31 : The day I’ve been a complete dumbass

First of all, today was a rather productive day.

I took care of Jeanma’s order… But NOT in the best way possible. Probably the worst in fact.

Spoiler: big story ahead

First, let’s talk back about the moment I received the order.

Jeanma was asking me if I could create some Telegram Stickers. It was yesterday around 7 PM if I remember correctly.

By that time, I was fucking happy because of my gains with the CHECOIN (around x50 time profit at that time, it slightly evolved today).

Basically, I was on fire to take care of the order, since it could partly contribute to preserving the Checoin community’s momentum which would lead to the longevity and an increase of the Checoin propaganda on the internet.

But there was a BIG challenge for me on this order : TIME.

In fact, the order had to be delivered… Today, in the morning.

The deadline was WAY too short compared to the last one, the DBL stickers one.

But I didn’t see the problem from this angle when I saw the opportunity, so I accepted without any question.


I did 3 mistakes here :

  1. I didn’t think rationally about the deadline. I took it like a challenge, while in a state of real enthusiasm provoked by my gains with the coin. to create stickers that could be used as memes is WAY more difficult than it seems, moreover create stickers in the same way I created the DBL ones 10x faster than in the previous order.

  2. I didn’t ask for details. This one, as a freelancer is general, is a HUGE mistake. If you ever have doubts about what you’re asked to do, and if you need details, ASK THEM directly to the client. When I realised that, it was too late, since Jeanma was probably sleeping.

  3. I felt like I couldn’t say no to Jeanma. As you’ve all seen, our leader is really excited about this coin, since it’s a HUGE opportunity for himself, for his friends, and for his community to become even more powerful. I really should have consider it several minutes longer to realize that I couldn’t make something that good with such a deadline.

Now, up to the next problem.

Since I invested in that coin, my sleep schedule is a real mess. I’m too emotionally invested in that damn coin.

When I realised my mistakes late in the day, I took a rather… really stupid decision when I think back about it.

After taking into consideration the fact that I don’t have a real sleep schedule for now, and in order to take care of the order and deliver it in time, I took the decision of only taking a nap during the night, instead of sleeping several hours.

The mistake I made ? Simple : I simply should’ve gone to bed earlier in the evening and set an alarm really early in the morning.

But I couldn’t do it, since there was another factor to take into account. With several members of the community, we decided to watch by turns the Checoin’s curves in value in order for everyone in the group to buy the dip in time. In this group, I decided several hours earlier to… take the night shift.

One more mistake here : I should’ve said that I couldn’t follow the Checoin this night since I had to take care of Jeanma’s order for the next day.

Okay, now let’s talk about today.

I “woke up” after a really small nap (I wasn’t even sleeping, I’ve got huge difficulties to sleep, even when I have a good sleep schedule) around 3 AM and did my morning ritual.

I then proceeded to take care of Jeanma’s order.

To be fair, I wasn’t effective at all. Using my head to find good concepts for the stickers has been a HUGE pain in the ass, and even worse since I hadn’t really sleep since last day.

I worked, even though I wasn’t focused, for 6 to 7 hours on the order this morning.

But honestly, I wasted 3 good hours. Why ? Well, the first concept I came up with was a rather good illustration, but it didn’t fit with the spirit of the coin and of the community supporting it. Pretty pissed, I decided to take a cold shower and then go back to work with new ideas.

The next ideas I had were good, to be honest. But the stickers I made were either great or not very good. And I fucked up with the last sticker I took care of, a “Buy The Dip” sticker for the Checoin, which was probably the most desired by Jeanma, since it was the first and only particular one he asked me to make.

This sticker was a fucking hell to deal with. I took care of it starting around 11 AM, and since I didn’t sleep, I was like a fucking zombie behind my computer making memes. This sticker made me explode, it pissed me off so much I cursed everything I could at the moment.

In the end, I figured a way to deal with how to make a good sticker about a dip Checoin edition, but it really wasn’t good enough for me when I looked back at it this afternoon.

Jeanma received 4 stickers (I intended to make 8 at first, but my mistake with the sticker that doesn’t fit the spirit of the community took me too much energy and time) in time, at last. I ate and slept a bit, in a real mess of a body : headache, stomachache and many other things I have to remember to not make the same mistakes again.

I couldn’t work afterwards, I was an am right now really tired.

I’ve been a real dumbass today. I dealt with an order in one of the worst ways possible. I messed up.

That’s why I’m taking full responsibility in what happened today. It was entirely my fault.

But being at fault doesn’t mean that I don’t have to move to make things right next time. Mistakes are made to learn from, to be fixed by the responsible and to make the concerned parts evolve in the right way.

So I’m going to bed now.

Tomorrow, I’ll take care of at least one order, make a feedback about Niko’s services (about expatriation) and post my goals for the next months here.

I have to be more focused on my rise in skills and in money with my activity (and not with a certain memecoin) now.

See you tomorrow !


New Diary Entry - 2021/08/01 : A nice and productive day.

Today has been a good day of work.

I took care of 2 orders and made an experiment with a little part of my crypto gains.

Concerning yesterday’s events, I received Jeanma’s feedback, and I was… surprised.

Why ? Well, it seems like I didn’t understand what he wanted !

In fact, he wanted new DBL stickers about Checoin, not stickers FOR Checoin.

He asked me to do it quickly and to send those to him in the afternoon, so I made new stickers and sent him.

Honestly, what a relief ! This time, all the stickers I made were nice to the eye. I’m sure you guys will like them !

So today, I also made an experiment with part of my crypto profit.

Basically, when we all voted for Checoin on polls because we’re fucking propagandists, I saw that some Telegram channels were also making shitcoin pumping events, so I participated in one to see how it worked and how people were reacting.

I invested 40€ just to see where it was going and lost 30€. Nothing very surprising, of course. The experiment was very interesting.

In fact, most of those channels aren’t as big and influent as they first appear. They’re most of the time just “autoproclaimed whale” guys using their communities to pump the coin a bit and then sell instantly to make some profit. Most of their community members lose most of their money on their trades.

Today, I kind of forgot to do the feedback about Niko and his services. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow, I’ll make a last review of my objectives for this month and the next one.

See you tomorrow !


You’re not the only one :sweat_smile:


New Diary Entry - 2021/08/02 : A not very productive day.

Today wasn’t a very productive day of work.

I didn’t have that much things to do today, so most of the time I followed the CheCoin’s rise to the moon.

And damn. I made a x100 until now. 3000$ on my portfolio (I used a very little part to invest into other coins). Everything just started with 30 tiny euros !

I’m like “why the fuck am I still being a freelancer ? FOMO into crypto-currencies !” and that’s a bad thing.

It’s only a one-in-a-lifetime chance I took here. It’s just plain luck provoked by everyone’s work.

I did the feedback about Niko’s services today and reviewed my goals for the last time today, and I think I’m ready !


Show the report

Last week’s report :

Design :

  1. To take care of my orders :white_check_mark:
  2. To develop my creativity :x:

Learning :

  1. To finish my design masterclass :x:


  1. To modify my offer to the community :x:

Selling :

  1. To look for new customers outside of DBL and 5euros :x:

Health :

  1. To wake up everyday at 7:00 AM :x:
  2. To go to bed everyday at 10:00 PM :x:

This week hasn’t been a very productive one. I was too concerned about the CheCoin !

I’m really wondering about paying my expatriation with the coin. It would be lit if possible !


Show the tasklist

Next month’s tasks :

Design :

  1. To take care of my orders
  2. To develop my creativity

Wavinci :

  1. To create and configurate a Malt account

Learning :

  1. To finish my design masterclass
  2. To improve my english

5euros :

  1. To improve each of my 5euros services


  1. To modify my offer to the community

Selling :

  1. To find new customers outside of DBL and 5euros

The main goal of this month will be to improve myself and also find new customers somewhere else. I have to upgrade my business to the next level !


Show the list


The main goal of my mid-term plan is to be able to earn 1500€ in only 1 month of work.

To reach this goal, I’ll follow the 3 main points of a growing business given by Tugan : Hardcore Marketing, Outstanding Expertise and Unbeatable Systems



My 5euros profile is active and allows me to sell my services to my clients or to interested leads.

But it’s not that optimized. Not yet.

That’s why, during this period, I’ll improve and optimize my 5euros profile on many aspects : copywriting, offers, SEO, and of course design and portfolios.

About copywriting, I think I’ll look for a copywriter for several missions. I already have a little idea of who I’m going to pay for this job.


Right now, I think I’m too dependant on DBL and P27’s communities to sell my services.

Of course, I have several clients coming from 5euros from time to time, but that’s simply not enough.

That’s the reason why I must find other people to sell my services to. But there’s another difficulty, and it’s this time coming from me : I, by default, don’t like people, neither am interested in them.

I’ve been thinking about it, and I think the best way for me to sell my services is to look for interesting communities with interesting people to join. Then I could provide value to their members and, in the best case, propose them my services with a gift for each community.

I think it’s a good way to start, but it’s only a mid-term solution from my point of view. It will need optimization and, of course, changes. But that’s the second big step, for now I’ll concentrate on the first big one.



If there’s one thing that I started several months ago and that I still haven’t finished, it’s my graphic design masterclass.

I’ve followed about half of the courses until now. And it’s seriously time to finish it !

There’s a lot of knowledge in it, but as usual, the biggest hardship for me is to improve myself properly.


I’ve done many mistakes during my debut in design, and one of them is accepting orders without deadlines, then not taking care of them properly for several months.

This mistake lead me to stay stoic when I wanted to learn new skills like web design, but had to take care of my last orders, those without deadlines of course. But I’m not going to make those mistakes again.

I will finish my orders without deadlines and then start developing new design skills. For now, I’m really interested in web and sales page design, but it might change in the future.



In 2022, I think it’ll be too late to escape. The real problem, for me, isn’t about what’s inside the vaccine, but how will be used the sanitary pass.

I intend to start procedures for my expatriation as soon as I can earn more money with my business. It’s only one step ahead !

I intend to travel a bit in several countries before choosing a place to live. I’ll start with Bulgaria, and then go to Estonia to meet my DBL brothers in the international sections.


Since expatriation is near, I have to get ready.

The first step for that is improving once again my english.

I speak a pretty good english, and I have a good accent even if it’s difficult to properly use it during a long period of time.

But I must speak better and learn to speak a more fluent english.

That’s why I’m taking back my english training seriously starting today.


Show the tasklist

Next week’s tasks :

Design :

  1. To take care of my orders
  2. To develop my creativity

Learning :

  1. To continue my design masterclass
  2. To improve my english


  1. To modify my offer to the community

5euros :

  1. To improve my 5euros account

Selling :

  1. To look for new customers outside of DBL, 5euros and P27

Health :

  1. To go to bed everyday at 10:00 PM

It’s time to get back to work.

First, I’ll sleep when I have to. No more waking up at 7:00 AM for now. I need to recover from my sleep debts. You can’t see it, but I have HUGE rings under my eyes…

Moreover, I’ll seriously take back my formation and improve my 5euros account.

And of course, I’ll take care of my orders.

About the DBL stickers, Jeanma validated everything and you can now use them on Telegram !

Also, I’ll probably have to make at least 5 more, and Aloïs will have to make some too.

I also received a new order from Charlie to make him a logo for his fighting group in Bulgaria.

So, tomorrow, I’ll take care of my orders, improve my english and my creativity and modify my offer to the community.

See you tomorrow !


I think that you’ve been waiting for too long.

It’d be awfully long to heighten whereas being in a bolchevik country and without your brothers!

I think it’d be better to think the opposite as what you think right now:

Expatriate in order to make more money

You’ve already Checoins. When it’ll be at 300 millions market cap, you’ll be able to withdraw 10%* in order to expatriate.

*never more or you’d go to goulag

But your environment is not only your country and your mates, the most important is the house where you live. And now, you don’t live alone. When you’ll live alone, you’ll be wake up earlier, thereby working more and making more money.


Hey Charl !

Indeed, but I don’t have enough money to expatriate yet sadly.

According to Niko and my project, I need around 6x my actual savings in order to expatriate properly and also to win more money per month.

Don’t worry, I totally intend to do that with our holy memecoin.


That’s so damn true, last week I was alone and I’ve been fucking productive compared to this week or the previous weeks.

I have to be alone and have complete control other my environment in order to be at my best.

So guys, we just reached 42M$ MC and we’re fucking out for the next million, I’m at x120 right now I’m on fucking fire DAMN.


New Diary Entry - 2021/08/03 : A rather productive day.

Show the week's tasklist

Design :

  1. To take care of my orders :hourglass_flowing_sand:
  2. To develop my creativity 0/7

Learning :

  1. To continue my design masterclass
  2. To improve my english 0/7


  1. To modify my offer to the community

5euros :

  1. To improve my 5euros account

Selling :

  1. To look for new customers outside of DBL, 5euros and P27

Health :

  1. To go to bed everyday at 10:00 PM 0/7

Today was a rather good day of work, but I didn’t do as much as I wanted to do today.

First of all, I received 2 new orders today : one from Charlie, the other one from a P27 customer

I took care of 2 orders today.

I didn’t do the rest of the things I had to do today, and instead made another experiment with crypto-currency.

So today, I tried following a call from a famous “x100 PUMP COMMUNITY :rocket:” channel on Telegram.

Well, I invested 30$ and made a x40 profit, won 1200$ today with this !

… Is what it should’ve been, but in fact, I can’t make transactions with the token. So I got scammed today. Interesting experience. The truth is I don’t care, I have my Checoin so everything is okay !

But I know it can happen to you guys so I’ll give you a tip.

If such a thing happens to you, go on this website, find the contract on which you bought the scammy token, and revoke it. The scammer won’t be able to interact with your wallet this way.

About design now. I’m starting to have some new ideas for the next DBL x Checoin stickers I’ll do !

So, tomorrow, I’ll take care of 2 orders, improve my english and my creativity and modify my offer to the community.

See you tomorrow !


Hey guys, I hope you’re doing great.

As you may have seen, it’s been almost a week since I last posted on this diary. Let me tell you what happened since last Wednesday.

New Diary Entry - From 04 to 09/08/2021

During those days, I’ve been globally rather productive.

Since last Thursday, I’ve been receiving A LOT of orders. I rarely get this much orders in so little time. Just so you know, I had around 7 orders to take care of, and I refused to take several others.

Back then, I was still working on Jeanma’s stickers, which are now finished. I worked with Aloïs on those, I hope you like using them !

I’ve also been working on the Instagram posts for the Checoin Pool Party in Sofia. Maybe I’ll have other things to do for the party, I don’t really know.

I also finished 2 orders today and won 133€. Considering my main goal for the 2 next months, that’s clearly not enough.

So, now let’s talk about the problem I faced concerning my sleep schedule.

Well, you see… It’s a complete disaster now: I’m awake at night, and sleeping during the day.

I now understand the importance of the sun: I really have more energy during the day.

Moreover, between my orders, the other things I had to do this week and the Checoin, I have HUGE difficulties to focus and to work properly. I’m way less efficient than before.

About last week’s objectives… Let’s talk about that, too. It’s not great.


  1. To take care of my orders :white_check_mark:
  2. To develop my creativity :x:
  3. To continue my design masterclass :x:
  4. To improve my english :x:
  5. To modify my offer to the community :x:
  6. To look for new customers outside of DBL, 5euros and P27 :x:
  7. To go to bed everyday at 10:00 PM :x:

As you can see, I only took care of my orders.

I realised I made a frequent mistake about my weekly and monthly objectives: I’m giving myself so much objectives that I lack focus, discipline and willpower.

I was so concerned about what to do, thinking like “I have to do this, but I had this to do yesterday, moreover there’s that thing and this thing…” that I did nothing.

Here’s my conclusion: Having too many goals leads to inaction.

That’s why I’ll give myself way less things to do for the next weeks and months in order to be focused.


  1. To take care of my orders
  2. To improve my 5euros profile
  3. To go to bed everyday at 10:00 PM

Next week, I’ll focus on my orders, on improving my 5euros profile and on my sleep schedule.

See you tonight !


New Diary Entry - 2021/08/10

Show the week's tasklist
To take care of my orders
To improve my 5euros profile
To go to bed everyday at 10:00 PM - 0/7

So, today, I haven’t done that much things, to be fair.

I mainly took care of myself and sent messages to my clients.

It gave me time to properly think about how to achieve my goals for the week.

Tomorrow, I’ll take care of 2 orders.

See you tomorrow !


New Diary Entry - From 2021/08/11 to 14

To tell you the truth, I haven’t been efficient these past few days.

It’s harder and harder to work on my orders and to be disciplined.

I’m tired, angry, and once again, my sleep schedule is fucked up.

As a consequence, I have way less energy and willpower than before.

But the worst thing might be what follows.

Recently, I really started hating design and everything related to it. It asks me a great amount of energy to just start to work to begin with. Now imagine working on something you loved before, but now hate.

I honestly think I’m at one of my lowest moments since I joined DBL.

So, I’ve decided to:

  • Not accept any other order for now
  • Put my diary on hiatus until I’ve taken care of all of my remaining orders & found what to do next

I should be back before the end of the month.

See you later !


Hello everyone, it’s been a while.

I don’t really know how to start, so I think I’ll just write what’s been on my mind those past weeks.

As you may have seen, I haven’t really posted any diary entry since almost 3 weeks.

Those weeks, let’s be fair, haven’t been the happiest weeks of my life, quite far from it.

First, let’s talk about all the problems I had and still have:

My lifestyle is totally fucked up.

  • I can’t maintain a good sleep schedule anymore. Actually, it’s a bit random, sometimes I live the day, sometimes I live during the night.
  • I don’t eat well. I barely even make any real meal myself anymore.
  • I’m still addict to sugar and dopamine, and I’m probably even more addict than before. It’s harder and harder to feel pleasure from working now.
  • I don’t even know if I still have a real social life anymore. In fact, I suppose not.
  • I don’t exercise anymore. I really dislike exercising in my apartment, and I resigned my subscription to the gym for a reason I’ll explain later.
  • I don’t do my rituals everyday anymore.
  • etc…

I also still have issues to work. Everything seemed like a real pain to do weeks ago, but it starts to go back to normal.

Last and most important thing: I don’t have any real goal to reach and that’s in my opinion where the problem lies.

Do you have any idea about what you’ll be doing in 3 / 5 / 10 years? Because I absolutely don’t.

I don’t have any dream or any big goal to achieve, anything to create neither any vision to follow.

I’ve been asking myself this question again, and again, and again… And I simply don’t have an answer.

I know that it’s possible for some individuals to do things without any answer to this question in mind.

Well that’s not my case, I need an answer.

If I remember correctly, I said in my diary in one of my previous posts something like this: “I’ll work now so that when I have a goal later, I’ll have the tools in hand to achieve it”.

But that did not last for long. It’s not enough anymore.

So I made some research from my side using the MBTI as a basis to see if there was some kind of trick that I could use as an INTJ.

And I found something.

A video talking about THE thing that makes us move our ass without any real resistance.

That is: verifying our theories.

And if I link this information with some personal data, this statement seems very true.

It reminded me of a time when I didn’t really want to work on my orders for 5euros thumbnails. It was a while ago, but if I remember correctly, I made many experiences on thumbnails since I wanted to check for myself some design theories I came up with.

It’s only one example out of many, but it might be another way to work without a real goal in mind for now.

Do you remember the DBL live show where Jeanma talked about pain-killers?

That’s what seemed the gym to be.

It’s been a long time since my last training in one of those, but one thing I know for sure is that despite the fact that I hate exercising in my apartment, I love doing it at the gym.

I wanted to prepare my expatriation properly, so I decided to resign my subscription to it some months ago.

I said this to myself: “The next time I go to the gym, it’ll be in Eastern Europe”. I was looking for some ways to motivate me to work and expatriate back then.

But to tell you the truth, I’ve made a big mistake here.

That way of thinking is not wrong. I think it can be a good thing for some individuals to forbid yourself such a thing if you can work out properly elsewhere.

But it just doesn’t fit me. Since I made that choice, I’ve barely taken back sport. I shouldn’t have sacrificed one of the most important tools at my disposal to be healthier to work.

I should’ve thought backwards. I should’ve maintained my workout routine in order to be healthier and to have more energy, which would’ve led to a better quality of work.

So I decided to cast my pride away. I’ll go back to the gym in order to work better and also in order to expatriate.

It will help me improve other aspects of my lifestyle as well, so it will be a true lifesaver for me.

Have you ever felt envious of anyone in DBL? Personally, I have. But that wasn’t the only thing.

Here’s a topic that in my opinion is fucking important for anyone who still doesn’t get big results here yet no one talks about it.

Have you ever felt envious of all those successful members of the community?

Almost everyone you see on the liveshows know success and win way more money than the average person.

Didn’t you feel envious or angry because of it at least once?

Personally, I have. Several times, to tell you the truth. Let me give you some details about it.

If you ask around who are the most known designers of the community, you’ll most likely hear the names of Nicolas, Aloïs, myself or other members who are working in that field.

But there’s a BIG difference between me and the others I know: most of the designers I heard of win at least 3 times more money in a month than I.

It’s only since yesterday that I understood that I was envious of them. I was angered, frustrated, and didn’t understand how they could win that much money.

I’m a bit ashamed to say it here, but I think part of me hated them for that single reason.

They’re really good guys, I know it since I worked and talked with both of them, they support me and I support them. But I think there always was that resentful and frustrated part of me that couldn’t accept it.

And I think that was one of the reasons that made me hate graphic design several weeks before.

Since a very long time, I didn’t receive that much love for others. You could even say that I’m kind of love-deficient. So it might not be the last situation where I feel that way towards another.

Today, I just accepted the fact and got over with it.

I probably forgot things on the way, but the simple fact of saying all this here will help me work on my flaws. I’ll get better as a human being and become someone I can respect, no matter what.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll resume my diary.

If you read this long post, thank you. I hope you found value in things that I said earlier.

Well, I think it’s time for me to go to bed.

I actually wonder if making a Telegram channel about my diary could be a good idea or not. What do you think about it?

See you tomorrow !


Hey @Aslino-G1,

I’m following your journal since my day 1 in DBL, 6 months ago.

Thank you for these words, you are honest and truthfull, telling everybody and especially those who are struggling right now that success isn’t coming by a single clap of hands.

The process is in a lot of ways hard, frustrating, deceiving, even very boring sometimes.

I sincerly wish that you’ll get back on track, find your purpose and succeed in both your pro and personnal life,

Take Care


It’s better to be bored during 3h in the dark without light than to fuck up one’s rhythm. (and btw when one struggles, one should get out of the bed).

I was too but it’s something that can go very easily.

For me, it’s better than being “friend” with normies. However, if you feel lonely, you can try to call DBL members via Telegram. As well the best solution is to get expatriated.

No one does. Did Corda the street artist know that 3y later, he’ll change its xvideo picture of the first porn actor of the world to Checoin? I don’t think so.

When one is old, one can know that in the future he’ll have the same wife and same kids probably in the same country. However, when one is young, there are too much choices, too much possibilities. One never knows what one will become until one is.


New Diary Entry - 2021/09/03 : A nice and productive day.

Today was a good day of work.

I took care of a big order today.

Today, I’ve been thinking more and more about this idea of creating a Telegram channel in order to post everyday a new entry to my diary there.

The main objective would be to interact more with people who read this diary, including people outside of the community.

If the project evolves, why not making some money with affiliation, by promoting things like self-development or make-money programs and courses.

I think I’ll start by asking a moderator if promoting such a Telegram channel here is okay or not.

Hello Pierre, thanks for your kind words.

If I resume my diary on Telegram later, I’ll speak the same way than before. The only thing that will change is that I’ll probably answer to my readers.

I refuse to change the core of my diary no matter what.

Hey Charl,

I understand your point of view. But I was mainly talking about vision.

For example, if I remember correctly Jeanma wanted to become the #1 porn actor in the world and reinforced his own vision with the power of auto-suggestion.

When he was overhyped by the Checoin, he was absolutely believing that its market cap would make the billion. And today, I think the road changed, but not the goal.

So, let’s talk about last month for a bit.

Last month, I won less than 500€. 484€, to be precise.

I thought of it as a rather bad thing at first, but, when I think about it, I can interpret this result this way: The fact that by barely working, I won almost 500€ means that if I’m at my best, I can probably win 3 times more money even with my current prices.

That’s great, but the truth is that I can’t be at 100% during a whole month. Moreover, there won’t be enough valuable customers coming for my services in order for me to reach this amount of money.

Which means that I must increase my prices again and have more customers.

For now, I won 74€ this month with an order from Gael. I also received a new order yesterday and another one today, smaller.

I started to work on this point, and I called the help of a copywriter in order to optimize my operational system: my 5euros account.

It will take some time, but I think It’ll be finished before the end of the month.

I also started looking for a gym to go to, and it seems that there’s a good gym near my apartment, so that’s perfect.

The thing is, I’ll probably need the sanitary pass to go. So I’ll get vaccinated after I finish my current orders, since there are some drawbacks at the 1st / 2nd injection (it probably depends of the people).

So, tomorrow, I’ll take care of 2 orders.

See you tomorrow !


New Diary Entry - 2021/09/04 & 05 : Two very productive days.

Those last 2 days have been very productive ones.

First of all, I received 3 new orders, including 2 from 5euros customers for thumbnails.

Moreover, I took care of 4 orders and currently finished 3 of them. I earned around 360€ today.

Which means that this month, I actually earned 435€. Tomorrow, we’re the 6th. It’s the best start of a month I’ve ever known since the very beginning of my activity.

I have other minor orders to take care of, but that’s not a problem. It will be done easily.

Weekly report

This week, I gave myself 3 objectives which were, by order of priority :

  1. Take care of my orders :white_check_mark:

I took care of my orders and earned 435€ in a single week

  1. Improve my 5euros main service :x:

I was so busy taking care of my orders in order to finish most of them today that I didn’t have time left to improve my service.

  1. Take back a normal sleep schedule :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Well, there wasn’t any real progress until today. I’m sleepy, so I’m going to bed early today.

Next week’s tasks :

  1. Improve my 5euros services as much as I can during this week.
  2. Improve my quality of life by keeping a good sleep schedule, getting vaccinated (which is the reason why I wanted to take care of most of my orders while I’m okay, I must take drawbacks into account when organizing myself) and going back to the gym.
  3. Take care of my orders, I’ll organize myself so that I’m not flooded with orders.

So, tomorrow, I’ll improve my 5euros main service and take care of 2 to 3 orders.

See you tomorrow !


Good job, keep it up.

Just one thing...

When you talk about working for money, use the verb ‘to earn’, not ‘to win’ (unless you won the lottery) :slightly_smiling_face:


New Diary Entry - 2021/09/06 : A rather productive day.

Today was a rather good day of work for the most part.

The last order I took care of yesterday is finished, I earned 4€ for a very few amount of time of work.

Those kind of orders are ridiculous, but I found the exercise of being able to do a simple thumbnail in several minutes rather interesting. I did well yesterday.

Today, I mainly took care of an order I received yesterday.

Actually, I’m ready to deliver the goods but… I suspect my client to not be the smartest guy alive, let’s phrase it that way. That pissed me off a bit.

It’s possible that because of his own stupidity, he won’t pay me + he’ll call another freelancer to do the job.

I’ll stop myself here for now.

I suppose that because of my pessimist point of view and since I frequently try to anticipate what other people will say, I’m often frustrated and angered by how stupid the answer I’m imagining to receive seems.

Hey Alex,

Yes, you’re right, I always make the mistake since I forget that “to earn” exist and has to be used in this situation.

So, tomorrow, I’ll improve my 5euros main service and take care of at least 1 order.

See you tomorrow !


New Diary Entry - 2021/09/07, 08 & 09

First of all, I, once again, don’t have a good life rythm anymore. I have a sort of “half-day half-night rythm” by going to bed at 7 AM and getting up at 2 PM at the moment

09/07 & 08 : Two not very productive days.

The two previous days weren’t as productive as yesterday.

I officially finished Gildas’ order (Mister Geopolitix on YouTube) and started preparing the improved version of my main 5euros service.

I received a new big order from Loïc, our english expert, of around 400€ in which I have to make many new designs for his website.

09/09 : A nice and productive day.

Today, however, was a good day of work.

I finished the order I was talking about in my previous post, in which I’ve been… Rather salty towards my customer.

That’s one of my bad habits, since I’m always judging people and pessimistic most of the time, I basically hate 90% of the world population for what they are: idiots.

The other 10%? Most of the time I find them interesting enough to actually like them for the value they can bring to me. I only love people able to fascinate me.

So, with that order, I earned 25€.

Moreover, I worked well on improving my 5euros ace service:

  • I made a new style of thumbnail for my personal use which is even better than the previous one
  • I edited the first text Jessy, my copywriter from the community, gave me so that it would look great on my service
  • I made new offers and slightly increased my prices.

By the way, I got vaccinated 2 days ago, which makes me sad because I can’t even hear the radio inside my head, neither talk with lizards.

(I’m totally fine.)

But sadly, my devilish sanitary pass isn’t usable yet, since I have to wait for the second dose of vaccine + one more week in order for my body to develop ways to counter the coronavirus.

Which means I have to wait until October in order to go back to the gym…

So, tomorrow, I’ll take care of 1 order and improve my 5euros main service.

See you tomorrow !


Hello, As alex said just before, don’t forget to use earn instead of win (like in this sentence : “So, with that order, I won 25€.”)

and you can make an AG for gym, they are still free for now.

Wish you all best for the future, keep going.


New Diary Entry - 2021/09/10 & 11 : Two nice and productive days.

The past 2 days have been good days of work.

I finished preparing the new version of my 5euros thumbnail creation service.

Now, I just have to post it. I’m waiting 09/15 to do so.

I’ll probably make the new versions of the thumbnails of my other services during that time.

Do you see the little red point on the bottom left of the chart ?

Yeah, that’s my worst move ever.

I sold all the coins I had on this one, juste before it EXPLODED.

I sold around 80$ worth of BNB. If I held, I would have around 800$.

I’m currently screaming inside.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking lately that I’m not thankful enough for what I’ve earned since the very beginning of my journey to financial freedom.

So, thank you guys for your support.

Tomorrow, I’ll take care of 2 orders and prepare the new thumbnails of my other services on 5euros.

See you tomorrow !