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First of all, is there already one of you living around Bali ?

Or am I the only DBL member here for now :confused:

Help would be appreciated to gather all required & useful information here.

Especially about Visa & Tax Level about Business / Investments / Crypto…

And Of Course also about VIP Women, you know what i mean :shushing_face:

#WIP - Work In Progress :man_technologist:

Hello Brothers :fist_right:,

Yes, even as a regular White French guy :

I did not choose to expatriate to East Europe.

Which is definitely one of the best choice for a Better Life. I love Estonia where I’ve already been.

I will try my best here to explain why i’ve choosed Bali as my New Home :houses:

  • Based on my experience : I’ve been living in Indonesia for almost 2 years now.

Of course, I warmly recommend you the #46 DBL Live about Indonesia :

:sunrise_over_mountains: 1 - Why Indonesia ?

I captured myself all the pictures you will see here. :camera_flash:

More pictures here

Sunrise & Sunset at Gili Meno - Tiny Island Close To Bali (2 hours of :speedboat: from Bali)

Komodo - One of the Best National park where to Dive in the World. (2 hours :airplane: from Bali)

1.1 - Indonesia reconnects yourself with our Mother Nature.

Hiking on Volcanos / Diving / Surfing / Island Life etc.

That’s totally subjective : but I am amazed almost everywhere I go.

I feel a strong spiritual energy here, people truly respect their environment.

Earthquake / Volcano Eruption / Crazy Rainy Storm / Tough Hot Weather :

  • You remember here that we are simply humans, Nature Dominates Us.

And I love this feeling personally, the atmosphere & their multiple cultures that fascinates me.

About me, Scuba-diving & FreeDiving are truly strong Passions. I also practice Yoga a lot & develop my spiritual side.

So yes, obviously my profile matches with Indonesia :pray:

1.2 - Huge Country with so many cultures & places to discover.

How can you get bored when there are 17,504 different Indonesian Islands to visit :wink: ?

1.3 - Big Business Opportunities in Tourism Sector.

Not easy as a foreigner if you don’t have true local friends or family there.

I start to have strong & trustful network here. Especially thanks to my future wife, she is Balinese.

So don’t worry, I already have great opportunities for you, thanks covid, if you are a potential Investor :handshake:

:desert_island: 2 - Why Bali ?

Here a short Video Presentation about Bali around Area :

2.1 - Perfect for Digital Nomads :man_technologist:

So many Digital Nomads here from all around the world. You will find great coworking spaces where you can meet people and start Networking for instance.

Denpasar Airport is convenient + Only 2h30 of plane from Singapore :

  • It means it is cheap & easy to travel around Asia and the World from Bali :smirk:

2.2 - Very Cheap :money_with_wings:

You can survive here with all you need from 500-600€/month quite easily.

With 1000€/Month you can already enjoy a very confortable life with Restaurants etc.

Some Details about Budget Expenses
  • Nice Accommodation for less than 400€/month around Denpasar - And Even less if yo go to remote places. Now i am staying at Canggu : Ayok Stay & Surf

Room with King Size Bed / Shared Kitchen & Swimming Pool / Ocean at only 10 min walking :surfing_man:

Canggu is nice place where you can networking and found great places / restaurants.

  • Tasty & Healthy Indonesian Food - Start from 2-3€ / day - so less than 100€/month - for 1 Person.

  • Boat and Planes Tickets also Not expensive to move around.

A domestic one way plane ticket is around 50 to 100€ - Bali :flight_departure: Komodo for exemple.

Boat ticket around around 10 - 20€. - Denpasar :speedboat: Gili Islands or Nusa Penida for exemple.

2.3 - Confortable & Chill atmosphere

You can do whatever you want as long as you respect local cultures & all people. Nobody gonna judge you or stare at you, even if you do weird or unexpected stuff.

Important : Men & Women here are not Brainwashed by “progress ideology”

:thinking: : 3 - Recap

:+1: Positives Aspects about living here :

  • Beautiful & Peaceful Island Life Style
  • Cheap for Nice Accommodation & Healthy Food
  • Perfect for Digital Nomads with Online Business
  • Good Business Opportunities in Tourism Sector
  • People here are not Brainwashed by “progress ideology”

:-1: Drawbacks :

  • Crazy Hot Weather => Tough Life will make you Stronger :muscle:
  • Wifi or Mobile Data issues time to times depends where you are.
  • 80%+ of the population is Muslim : But that’s quite okay here. This % really depends on which island you go : Absolutely 0 Issue because of this community on Bali for instance.

As Always, Thanks for Reading & Take Care :pray:

Thomas / @Toto_evd

post scriptum

For those who want to know more about my personal current situation in Indonesia,

I’ve just made a recap yesterday :

  • to get a Work Permit Visa and then a KITAS (Residence Card) as soon as I can.

Ideal place for a one-week trip with DBL Elite & Oligarch members :slight_smile:


Absolutely : Genius Idea :star_struck: !

I know some of the Best Hotels where to enjoy True Life.

This Hotel there has been reward as the Best in the World several years :

NIHI Sumba Hoba Wawi, Wanokaka, West Sumba

Google Map Link

Sumba Island : "The Secret Paradise"


Wow, that’s beautiful. Thank you for your post.

I think that’s possibly a good idea to stand in Estonia or Sofia during the most part of the year (6-9 months) And travel, rest in Indonesia during the 3 other months. What do you think about that ? I want to leave in a country where the most of people are not muslim… But I want to travel in this beautiful place.

Your opinion will be very important for me, thank you. PS : Sorry for my English, I know my level is not enough

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Hello, This is one of the best place where I’d like to let my luggages!!

Almost all the digital nomad/entrepreneurs I met , has been there at least 3 months to enjoy the unique quality of life we can find in Bali!

If it’s possible I’d like to join this wonderful island on next year.


Hello, I never went in Bali but I want to go in 2021, how about the girls there ?

I head by friend they look more Indian than Asian and it’s particular style


Hello friend,

As an eurasian guy, I am interested by Indonesia.

And here’s a question : What about taxes right there ? I guess they’re not communists like in France ?

And what about Visa ? Because, for East Europe, it’s easy if you had an European nationality. But with Indonesia it could be more difficult, right ?

And what about prostitution ? Is this legal ?

Is there many prostitute of quality ? Is there a lot of VIP escort ? Or there is only low cost trashy things ?

And what about girls generally ?

Are they beautiful ? Are they many ? What is the proportion of men and women here ?

I guess women on Indonesia are smaller than on East Europe ? Because I love small girls (less than 1m60).

And what about food ?


I would even say that you’re a real king for 500-600€

But in here you have to negotiate for almost everything, including food and accommodation.

If you don’t, you’ll end up paying twice as much as you should, but you’ll still think it’s a good deal because it’s so fucking cheap.

300€ per month for a villa is enough, even in such cities like Kuta, Lovina

Small indeed, but you’ll find a lot of European tourists wherever you go, especially during the summer.

Hella spicy man, hope you’re used to it or you’ve got something to prove up in your ass


I need to have rest few weeks for personal reasons.

I come back to you guys with proper answers soon :fist_right:t2:

@Loic_DBL_G1 @Tsires_G1 @Thibaut_G2 @wefwefwefwe


Salut @Thomas_Philippe.G1 Est-ce que l’investissement immo en leasing est encore viable à Bali avec le Covid. Je veux dire en ce moment mais aussi pour les années à venir. Ou est-ce un business en chute libre ?

Et qu’en est-il d’ouvrir un bar ou un restaurant ?

A ce propos les bars sont ouvert en ce moment ?


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Hello guys,

I can finally take time to answer :slight_smile:

1 - Lifestyle + Muslim questions

I think that’s a great compromise, the only way to know is to try if this way of life suits you.

This Muslim situation has been addressed during the #46 DBL Live about Indonesia.


On Bali they are not 80% at all, the main religion is Hindou here. Also, keep in mind that Islam is not practiced the same than in France.

At the opposite, next to Bali, on Lombok they are almost all Muslims, so you will hear several times per day their prayers on speakers and all women wearing Hijab.

2 - Taxes & Visas

My apologize, I don’t have this information yet. @Jean-Alexandre_G2 possibly have the answer ? :slight_smile:

With Covid situation, you need a business Visa to come here :

Guillaume, the guest of JM during #46 DBL Live on Indonesia, can help you to get one.

Having a Working Visa is expensive, around 200€/month for dive instructors for exemple, and i don’t know if it is easy to get as a Digital Nomad.

Getting married to a local woman give you the most rights, especially if you want to own a land or a business here :


3 - The Girls - VIP

Prostitution is illegal, even porn and VPN are also illegal technically. For exemple, an Indonesian celebrity risk jail because of a sextape !


That being said, of course you can find what you want safely.

Massage with happy ending and more. Unfortunately I am not the right guy to ask. I am not going to VIP anymore, and i never tried here. But you can also just go to a bar or party to easily find attractive girls / sugar babies.

Yes Indonesian are small girls :wink:

Depends on your taste. Asian are my style. I am getting married soon to a Balinese, so my opinion is clearly biased.

As for the religion, people does not look exactly the same from one island to another. Some really have dark skin, so i can understand the “Indian Feeling”, but others have quite clear skin.

You can find some pictures here : https://www.jakarta100bars.com/2017/08/best-nightclubs-bars-to-meet-girls-bali.html

4 - Indonesian Food

I love the local food here, most of the time spicy but you can ask without. Some Indonesian classic plates :

Nasi Goren - Fried Rice with veggie, chicken, pork, beef or fish :


Bakso - Meat Balls Soup :


Soto Ayam - Chicken Soup :


Satay Ayam Lontong - Chicken on Stick with Peanut sauce and rice, really good :


500-600€ to be a king is a bit light in my opinion but I definitely agree on your point :

  • You need to learn how to negotiate and where to book / buy your stuff to get the local price and not the tourist one.

5 - Leasing Property Investment

C’est le moment d’investir ici si c’est ta volonté, que tu as les moyens et les bonnes connaissances sur place pour ne pas te faire avoir, surtout si tu souhaites construire. Car tu pourras acheter bien plus bas que le prix avant covid.

Par contre, effectivement le tourisme est globalement mort en ce moment sauf quelques rares endroits comme Canggu.

Prendre le pari d’investir maintenant pour préparer la réouverture au tourisme qui arrivera tôt ou tard, vital pour le pays, n’est pas un mauvais choix je pense :

  • Plutôt que Bali qui est assez saturé, tu peux surfer sur la probable prochaine expansion des l’îles alentours encore préservées comme Nusa Penida ou Lombok.

Le Sponsor de mon Business Visa recherche des investisseurs pour Nusa Penida par exemple.

Oui tout est ouvert, enfin ceux qui n’ont pas fermés à cause du manque de touristes, les seules restrictions covid sont le masque et le lavage de main à l’entrée des bâtiments.

Même les boîtes de nuits sont ouvertes, à l’intérieur le covid n’existe plus, mais les photos et vidéos y sont maintenant interdites pour éviter que les établissements aient des problèmes avec le gouvernements du non respect des règles.

Well, i hope my answer give you useful information,

Cheers Brothers :fist_right:



I’m going to Bali in early November for a few months. Do you have any recommendations for accommodations? I am looking to rent a villa with 2-3 business partners, from DBL if possible. In a place where the nightlife moves well as I plan to organize parties.

Let me know :upside_down_face:



Hello, i also plan to get there but for now it’s quite impossible with the covid…


If you’re looking for nightlife, find a villa on the facebook marketplace around Petitenget / Seminyak (here are the main club / bar-restaurant). Pretty cheap at the moment #CovidPrice, but :

  • Be sure the owner is ok for you to organise party at your villa. Especially with the current covid situation, you can quickly have Police going to kick you out of the country !

True, even with business Visa, at the moment the borders are closed again since July because of Covid Delta Variant.

The population is still not well vaccinated, so Indonesia had been hit (Higher death rate than Europe for exemple).


Hello Thomas thanks for the advices…how’s your life in Bali ? Hope you’r enjoying it…


Thanks for the recommendations!

The applications for the business visa have been opened since August 23rd. I know it’s a disaster with the covid unfortunately. But I hope I can still come with the 211 Offshore Visa, normally it should be good if I go through an agency?


If you propose villa in co working with other DBL members or entrepreneurs I am interested


Congrats for your weding, best wishes of happiness! Great if things turns good in business and life. Thanks for the chsb advices :+1:


Just read the topic and fill the form

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