Arnaud_G4 34 years old Air conditioning technician

Hi everybody, i’m Arnaud, 34 years old, living in the south ouest of France. I work for 15 years in refigeration and air conditioning system. i have lived in Ireland so i’ve learnt about english but my level is not good enough at the moment, i work on it .

i joined DBL cause i belive in expatriation, to me the only solution available to get a good and safe life.

My short terms goals are to improve my english as fluent speaker, and learn about only buissness wich will help me for expatriation.

Thanks for your time, i wish you a nice day.



Cool :+1:

How’s Ireland ? What can you tell us about ?

Sure ! Ireland was a great experience to me, i strat over there just having english lessons for almost 2 months, then i start working in construction, as labor at the begining, shit job but good money. i made around 900 euros each weeks for a job that doesn’t requier any specific skills. after few months i was hire by a comapny to do my own job ( AC tech ) they send me in belgium where i worked on the google data center, money was good too and the company paid some extra for the room, food etc.

About Ireland, espacialy Dublin, there are people from every where, many come to work from poland, croatia, romania. There are also a lot of south american, but they are more here to study. i didn’t see violence as you can see in France.

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