Are you an expatriate and in the digital business?

Hello, I will be clear and concise.

I am looking for a WORK-STUDY (= alternance) FOR MY MASTER IN DIGITAL (all proposals are welcome).

Currently in the 3rd year of a work-study webmarketing license in an industrial company (B2B) IN FRANCE, I want to find a work-study program IN EASTERN EUROPE (or other like Malta …) in the digital field (Maybe in your company).

I have extensive knowledge in web marketing, growth hacking, copy writing, photo / video editing … I am looking for a boss who has experience, who is up to date in digital and who is determined.

I AM HERE TO BOOST YOUR BUSINESS. If you are interested in my profile for your company or know someone who may be interested, I let you contact me. I will send you my CV.

Thank you for your attention.


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