Aod 32 yo / Developper

Hey all,

Quick introduction that I’ll complete later on. My name is Aod, 32, married and 1 little girl. Currently living in Breizh, France.

I built an application for therapists (sophrologists/psychologists/clinicians of all kind) to manage their appointments, track accounting, and edit invoices, which I sell for a very modest monthly subscription.

I am now looking for a job in IT field, mostly as a junior because I never worked in big tech. I am passionate about programming theory.

I also do IQ assessment since my first job is (and still is) clinician psychologist.

Short term goal : find a junior position job in IT field in eastern europe and expatriate there with the fam.

Got any questions ? Shoot.


Damnnnn DBL will make Breizh totally empty of French people ahahah everybody from Bretagne are going away ! Welcome

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Siwazh ne welan ket un hent all hag e teu ur gleizenn d’am c’halon pa lâran-se.

Halas I don’t see any other way and it breaks my heart to say this.

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Father of a little girl :white_check_mark: IT engineer :white_check_mark: Live in Bretagne :white_check_mark: Short term goal → expatriation :white_check_mark: … Damn ! We look a lot alike :grin: !

I wish you best in your projects.

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Hi @Aod,

Welcome to the community !

Great project, if you need help for it contact us, I’m building a retraining program for junior developer with community guys and if you’re good, we can find you a job.

Good luck :wink: