Antoine B Diary - Creating a YouTube Channel

It’s been a long time since I wanted to create my YouTube channel about Business, Politics and in general everything I find interesting.

Unfortunaly, I couldn’t create it when I was a teenager. Who would have taken me seriously ?

But about a week ago I realised I was now 20.

(Yeah, time flies)

So I rented an iPhone to have a good camera quality Bought a microphone And went straight to work…

And it was way harder than I thought. I didn’t know anything about editing, reading a script on camera, or even what precise direction I wanted for my YouTube Channel.

But you know what ? Whatever.

I’ll just learn by doing it. F*** all the theorical stuff.

So I made 3 videos in one week.

I’ll just keep that rythm, and update this diary regularly.

I’m proud or those videos, but I don’t have time to contemplate, I just need to make always more !

If you are curious and want to take a look :

Thank you brothers, I keep you updated.


iamlucid made a YouTube channel where he is 17yo.

Even if you’re younger, in worst case you take experience (except if you’re enough dumb to show your face).

Be sure to keep the quality OK and to have a rhythm maintainable on the long-term.

Your videos are in French, be sure to switch to English one day 'cause we all know what’ll happen to this sub-part of eurogulag.

Your videos are neat!

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Thank you brother,

To be able to keep that rhythm, I need to create French content since my videos are heavily inspired of uncovered English content. It will be way easier to be the first in French than the best in English, in my opinion.

About being younger, I kind of agree with you, but I wasn’t satisfied with my voice, quality of expression, and overall knowledge.

By the way, I found the topic of my next video : DMT and the Pineal Gland

This molecule seems really interesting, so I read several scientific papers on Google Scholar.

Today is writing day, it’s very easy since I just translate and resume a scientific paper that already resumes everything about it, so all the work is almost done !

Tomorrow is recording and editing day, and if I finish before 6pm, uploading day too.


I’m 2 days late on my schedule !

Because I messed up

I went on a party and drank alcohol

So I got serious Hangover yesterday

That sucks !

I’ve put my entertainement first, before my work

Working should be a priority !

So today I spent 10 hours on that video

Trying to fix my lateness

And now it is out

And I am proud of it

But I would have been prouder if I finished it in time

I think it is my best video though

I used the same old trick

Translating English written content with DeepL

And making a video out of it

If you are curious the video is on my Channel


Even if “entertainment” wouldn’t touch your work, you should never touch to this kind of entertainment.

What are the biggest regrets of Jean-Marie Corda AND Emmanuel Fredenrich?

To work not enough. To spend to much time on parties. (

Is your English level sucking?

You should work on it, it should be your number one focus.

Even if your YouTube channel makes you earn enough money to leave France, how can you go to Eastern Europe without speaking English?

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Nope man, it’s eventually pretty good

I just use DeepL to translate fast, specific content (a scientific article)

I’m also planning to learn the country language when I go to the East

I think my next video will be about bread.

I’m curious about how it is made, what symbolic it has (Napoléon and the baguette are linked I believe)

So I will do some research and see if I can create something about it !

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I have to admit I suck at being regular in my publishing rythm ! Some weeks there are 3 videos published, some other week only 1. But as long as I make at least 1 video per week I am satisfied.

I made a 5 minutes video this week. I am very satisfied with the final result. It’s up at 20:00h GMT+02

So, the topic is : buying because of boredness.

A lot of people are buying stuff they don’t need because of an urge to fill a void in their soul.

My theory is that this void is made from the ads we watch that remind us to buy, but also the notifications on our cellphones, that keep our concentration capacity very low.

I also think that all addictions come from instant gratification : which is exactly what buying is.

So by perpetuating this vicious cycle of being gratified for nothing via likes on social networks, the system also teach us like a dog.

Smoking, drinking, buying : serotonine : good

Reading, working : no serotonin : bad

Kind of a Pavlov experiment in my opinion.

So we have to stop buying stuff we don’t need, so we can invest in important stuff (like crypto or rental property).

And to do that we have to stay away from that hyperactive, mediocre world.

Don’t hesitate to watch my video if you want more info !

I think @Jeanma brings us a lot of answers about all of that in the early DBL videos.


To be honest, your rythm of talking is VERY boring. Change that.

People want fast cuts and real emotion, not you reading your script like reading your school’s project in college :sweat_smile:

The topic was interesting, but you don’t put any emotion when you speak, this is monotone.


Hey ! Think you for your feedback ! I will try my best to apply your advice in my next video.