Allan.Gnr_G5 / 26 / Email & Sms marketing consultant for ecommerce

Hi guys,

My name is Allan, I’m 26 years old and I still live in France. I’m a dropshipper for 3 years, and since several months I’m an email and sms marketing consultant for dropshippers. I am married and I have a daughter.

I bought Romain’s SEO challenge when it came out, which introduced me to Tugan and JM in the weeks that followed. I joined RX, and was following JM’s activity from afar by watching his videos.

I finally decided to join DBL for two reasons: to network and more importantly to hang out with like-minded people. The trigger for me was Checoin. I had an incredible experience that I will never forget. For 3 weeks, it was all I did all day… and I discovered a real passion for cryptos in general.

I made money in dropshipping but always being alone behind my computer, which is a bit tiring. That’s why I developed a service activity. I wanted to do something else and monetize my skills. Now I’m still doing ecommerce, but most of my time is dedicated to service delivery.

Short term goals :

  • Develop my business as an email and sms marketing consultant to reach 10k / month.

  • Make money with cryptos to increase my personal capital.

Long term goals :

  • Expatriate in the next year or so. My wife and I have been looking at Estonia a lot and we would like to visit the country soon. It sounds really great and very suitable for a family life.

  • Have a lot of investments (crypto / stock market / real estate) to have a big passive income that will give me serenity.

Looking forward to getting to know you and discussing with you!