Alexandre C. - 26 - Graphic designer

Hi gentlemen, I’m Alexandre C. / 26 / graphic designer / I’m single and am a total noob on how to make money with what I am good at (which is in part why I’m here).

  • I’m here after seeing Jean-Maries being interviewed on Piero San Giorgio’s youtube channel. I was curious of the project and wanted to see for myself. I love the goal of creating a community around good values and trying to save lives from the declining situation of the western world. It’s something I was searching for because it is lacking in the french conservative-capitalist sphere.

  • My goals are to develop my activity as a graphic designer and learn marketing because it’s something that I miss (Thanks to the socialist mentality I grew up in, but I try to redeem myself…), and multiply my sources of income as I grow bigger. I want to have my financial freedom, the Fuck You Money as they say, and do what I love which is to work in graphic arts, and I strongly consider expatriation but I’m not sure of the country yet (I already tried Quebec last year but wasn’t the mentality I was looking for).

Hope to talk to you soon.


Hi @AlexChef_G4!

Don’t worry about making money, you just need to reboot your mind on this question.

Don’t be shy, earning money is normal.

Just find opportunities and catch it.

There are many platforms for your skill, just keep hope!

Hope to read you soon! Best regard

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Hi Alex, welcome here.

Have you tried the program Protocole 27?

Quite a few people here are earning money thanks to it.

Thanks for the reply guys, I’ll take a look at protocol 27. Also I’d like to drop my portfolio so you can see what I do better :

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Nice to meet you Alex !

My name’s Lucas, and I’m also a graphic designer.

Moreover, I’m a member of the Protocole 27 program.

If you have any question about my activity or Gael’s program, send me a private message. I’ll gladly answer your questions.

Have a nice day !