Alexandre, 25, Sailor

Hello everyone, I am Alexandre, a 25 years old man who currently work as a sailor. I took my time to introduce myself on the forum because I wanted to master the power day at first. (Honestly, I’m not mastering it at 100 % right now but I keep on improving myself.)

I joined DBL because it gives me the hope of a nice future, but not in a passive way. To build the future, of course money is important and I will do my best to take my wealth to another level but to me, DBL is a state of mind : The principles, the habits…

So my goals are to improve myself financially, to better stick to my principles and to be more spiritual while bringing value to the community. I think you don’t often get the opportunity to join this kind of community in a lifetime so I’m here to do my best.

We all understand how bad is the situation (and the future) in France and as we are all here to become greater men we can’t grow in a toxic environnement.

That’s why I think expatriation is a necessity. For me, it won’t be next week because I need to improve my skills in several areas first and to get a sufficient income from internet.

I may be not very active on the forum but it’s just a matter of time for me to be (I hope) someone interesting for the community !

Thank you for reading me guys, and Thank you Jean-Marie for creating this community.

La bise,



Welcome here @AlexandreR

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