Ajaxio / 40 yo / IT

I did know JM for a long time when he was doing small funny videos with his (former?) Yogi girl, I was following French dissidence before it collapse.

I’m 40yo, working in IT. 3 young children and my Wife in Ajaccio Looking for some nationalist community, giving help and tips between them.

Small term goal: invest (more) in real estate, stock exchange, crypto, freeing myself from salaried work. Long term goal: living in a foreign country, already done by twice (2years in Argentina and 3 in Singapore).


Brother from Corsica where Serbs received incredibles welcoming vibes during war times from people in Corsica.

Dobrodošli / Welcome brother

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Almost good

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= Ajaxio / 40 yo / IT

My mistake, should be good now :slight_smile:


Thanks Niko! I only know history and some Serbs guys, always with strong mindset, I’ll try to know a little bit more about Serbia and Montenegro, eastern countries might be beautiful to visit, and even more to live with family, I’ll keep an eye on it.


Yes, you have everything about it on the forum if you go to see in International Sections. Serbians strong mindset, yes, and our mindset is a reality, it’s not about the mindset we see on Youtube :rofl:

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