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Hi bros,

I recently launched my telegram channel to create a community and promote affiliate links. The concept is to have one post per day with motivational, inspirational or educational quotes. On each of these posts, I link to my blog with a video related to the topic and a CTA with an affiliate link. I decided to make “John Bullish” a public character that I will embody little by little in order to give value to my activity and gather more people. I obviously added the first 200 members, then I signed up for telegram directories and I’m telling you about it today because as you know, the crowd attracts people.

That’s why I need you to join this channel, being active or not is up to you, but just being part of it will help me to take off to promote more products! Of course, I also take advices, we are here to discuss and I am very curious.

In any case, I thank you for your time and I put the link of the channel below :

With love,

Keven or John, now I’m confused :joy:

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