Affiliation partners for JDM-BEST

Hi everyone !

Today i offer you the opportunity to be my affiliate :

My company sells some « JDM » related goods. If you don’t know, « JDM » stands for « Japan Domestic Market » and it refers to the Japanese Automotive industry in general.

I sell stickers, car accessories such as tow stap, ashtrays, key rings, canvas set… But what makes me unique on this market is the exclusive clothing range i have developed with my team of professionals designers. The range of product that we offer is quite large, beggining at 10$ to more than 150$. With this if you sale the right products you will get some nice commissions.

You will get a 15% commission on all your sales and the customers will get a 10% discount (those numbers are likely to improve in the future).

As you are a DBL member i will also get you a massive discount (just for you not the customers) of 40% off all products except the clothing collection on which you will get 20% off. You may use this discount just once so don’t miss interesting products :wink:

I need affiliates that can create the interest of car enthusiasts on instagram but not only. The store is targeting the US market any communication needs to be done in american english. We focus on a strong branding because yes we love money but it is better when it last long and when everyone is happy.

Here you will find our website

Here you will find our ambassador portal

Contact me if you subscribe so i can give you the DBL preferential discount :

I hope i will see you soon ! Cheers.