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Hi bros,

I have recently launched my site in SEO affiliation. I’m looking for someone who does SEO affiliate. In order to help each other and bring value to each other. So, a guy who wants to level-up in this domain !

What can I bring to you? : I’ve taken the SEO Challenge (Dropsgipping Reborn) and Affiliate Ninja (Jordan Brako). So I have a good foundation in On-Site SEO.

So write me in PM or Comment if you are interested to level-up together !

PS: I’m writing this post because the DBL affiliate working group is currently full.



Hi Ulysse!

I’m not sure my message has been sent this is why I am comenting your topic.

I have recently launched my affiliation website too with an SEO strategy. And I’m really looking forward to improve my knowledge about that.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you’re interested.


PS : I’m also on the Affiliate Ninja program


I just sent you a message !

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Hello Ulysse,

I am also on Affiliation ninja, and your proposal interests me.



Hi Rafael,

Great ! I sent you a MP.


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Hi brothers, i am also interested in this workgroup .I’am an affiliation ninja member too.

Hi Ulysse,

You seem very motivated and skilled :+1:t2: I am sure you will be able to succeed in that area.

I am also working on a SEO affiliate site, and it would be awesome to help each other.

Have a good one. :facepunch:


Hi, I’m a student of the RX, i’m also interested in leveling up together.

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