Hello Gentlemen,

My name is Adrien I am 30 years old I am single and I live in Bordeaux.

I was terrible at school and I don’t have any degree so I started to work young and I have done a lot odd jobs.

Step by step I started to earn more skills and money and at 27 years old I had a opportunity in a prenium company as a sale, it was my first « real job » and I was really proud to rent a flat in Paris, go to the restaurant, travel etc… I can speak English I have good sales skills but I really hated this job so I quit it.

Now I work as a driver for a few brokerage companies who sells prenium and performance cars.

My job is to go to Deutschland and bring back 911, RS4 and M3!

It is not really intellectually stimulating but I have a lot of time to read and work in the train or the plane and I really like to drive, travel and learn about sport cars. And no one to explain my how to turn the steering wheel or break my balls witch is a good thing. Also second-hand market is exploding because of French ecotaxes.

My short term goal is to be a car broker. My long term goal is to create an international broking car company.

The reasons I decided to join DBL are : learn discipline, learn about cryptos, improve English and find web professionals to work with them.

Thanks for reading,




That’s interesting